sbtI applied for a Super Bowl credential on Sunday evening, figuring nothing would come of it. So I was extremely surprised when I got an email back from the NFL yesterday afternoon saying that they had decided to give me a “Week of Game” credential. That means that if I can find a way to New Orleans, I can gain entry to any and all media-only events leading up to the Super Bowl, but not the game itself.

That’s fine, I was surprised to get credentialed for any portion of the Super Bowl festivities. Now all I have to do is figure out how to get there and a place to stay, and I could watch the game at a 49ers-friendly bar if one exists in New Orleans. Or just any bar, since I doubt there are any Ravens bars in the Big Easy. Of course, my wife (Liz) isn’t happy with just dropping everything and flying across the country. She’s one of those people who always believes she’ll win a raffle, and always seems to find a way to big events. She tried some connections through her work and came up empty. I’m more than happy to cover the week of hype leading up to the game and watch the game on television, but Liz won’t give up on finding a halfway decent deal on seats until Beyonce starts lip-synching at the 50-yard-line with Destiny’s Child.

Getting tickets to popular events can lead to some of the best days or nights of one’s life, but the law of supply and demand can make acquiring said tickets an expensive endeavor. That’s where our latest partnership comes in. has been a leader in the secondary marketplace since 1992, a site where all sales are 100% guaranteed. They’re letting us pass out a code good for 20% off a future tickets purchase (not applicable for Super Bowl tickets). You could use that discount on tickets to a Golden State Warriors game, a Spring Training or regular season game featuring the San Francisco Giants or Oakland A’s, or pretty much any sporting event or concert you can think of.

To win access to the discount code, just answer the following question in the comments section. I’ll pick one randomly select one winner on Friday.

If you happened to be in New Orleans for the Super Bowl, what is the MAXIMUM you’d pay for tickets? 

As an added bonus, I’ll send two “Who’s got it better than us?”* BASG koozies to the winner as well.

I think the highest I’d go is maybe $1,000 per seat. And don’t tell Liz I said that, because she’d try to get me to expand my price to $2K per seat or something. And she might succeed, even though we’d have to figure out a way to pay rent late, because that’s the kind of stuff that happens when you’re married.

*The answer is “nobody.”