On Friday, Bay Area Stats Guy ran the numbers and came up with some nice graphs to show who your favorite hosts are from KNBR and 95.7 FM “The Game.”

No fancy bar graphs from Stats Guy this time, just words from me. You’ll get your refunds in the mail.

Remember these questions we posed last week? If not, we’ll explain…

1. Think you could be a better Program Director than Lee Hammer or Jason Barrett?


The person you choose could work for either station, either as a solo act or with a co-host. Maybe he or she works as a fill-in host or update person right now, or your dream host could be a guest you like and want to hear more of. Maybe your choice is someone who we’d never expect to hear as a local sports talk host.

2. What’s your biggest complaint about KNBR and 95.7 FM “The Game”?:

I think this one’s pretty self explanatory.

I went through all your comments in the posts and noted every answer. Here are the responses that came up most often.

Media personality who you’d give a full-time hosting gig (and how many times they were mentioned):

1. Ray Ratto (5)

2. Lincoln Kennedy (4)

3. Brodie Brazil (3)

4. Henry Wofford (2)

4. Rick Tittle (2)

4. Dave Flemming (2)

4. Ted Robinson (2)

4. Bruce Jenkins (2)

4. Bruce Magowan (2)

Thoughts: Ratto seems to be a more popular choice to host full-time with Tom Tolbert than Eric Byrnes, with Lincoln Kennedy finishing a close second. I’m not sure if Brazil is really all that popular or if certain readers are jonesing for hockey.

The rest of the group didn’t surprise me, although as a blogger (translation: mother’s basement dweller) I have to take issue with the inclusion of Jenkins. He’s a talented writer, but there’s no way I can listen to three hours of “A pitcher’s win/loss record matters, nerds!” I guess you could also throw Ted Robinson into that group (he digs W/L records, too), although if you put Jenkins and Robinson together you’d get one hell of a show about tennis.

Biggest Complaints (number of mentions in parentheses):

1. KNBR runs too many commercials (12)

2. 95.7 has too many gimmicky segments (11)

3. KNBR’s homerism (10)

4. 95.7’s Signal strength (7)

5. KNBR’s bad and/or annoying commercials (6)

6. Not enough women on either station (3)

7. LOL KNBR callers (3)

8. 95.7’s repetitive content (3)

9. Adam Meyer’s paid betting spots on KNBR (3)

10. Neither station features enough content for younger listeners (3)

Thoughts: So many complaints about the commercials on KNBR, but let’s face it — “The Game” would air just as many awful, ear-splitting commercials as KNBR if they could sell the airtime. I am in complete agreement on 95.7’s constant barrage of named segments, which usually sound forced and take away any chance of spontaneity. Whenever I hear radio hosts answering each other’s questions in rapid fire fashion (like that dreadful jock-Jeopardy segment), I almost break my index finger changing the station as quickly as possible.

KNBR is going to build their content around the Giants, 49ers and Warriors, and that won’t change anytime soon. Content revolving around the other teams (especially the ones that haven’t caught on in this area to a large degree, like the Earthquakes) won’t get airtime until it is proven that people will listen.

Besides the paid betting segments, most of the rest of the list has to do with a lack of freshness on Bay Area sports talk, which mostly consists of middle-aged white guys talking about the same topics day after day, hour after hour. That’s the perception, and the hosts themselves love to say how perception is reality. However, we’re talking about an old, traditional medium here. If any changes are forthcoming in terms of the hosts trending younger or more diverse in terms of ethnicity and/or gender, it’ll probably happen slowly.