The first two Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria contest posts this week asked the readers to choose their favorite host at KNBR and 95.7 FM “The Game.” The readers have spoken, and a lot of you told us that you’re switching over to KNBR 1050 from noon-to-3.

Bay Area Stats Guy ran the numbers and came up with a couple graphs to show how the hosts fared in these popularity contests.

Favorite host: KNBR

Damon Bruce was the clear winner. Tom Tolbert came in second, with Brian Murphy and Gary Radnich in a tie for third.

Favorite Host: The Game

The results here didn’t surprise me at all. Chris Townsend gets plenty of love in the comments, especially from hardcore A’s fans. Dan Dibley came in a relatively close second, with Greg Papa finishing third. An interesting connection between all three: they all used to be heard regularly on KNBR.

And the winning commenters are…

A big congratulations to “BD” and “The Sports Leader,” the two winners randomly drawn who will each receive a Pizza Party for 10 from Amici’s East Coast Pizzeria!

We received 300 comments in all, which made choosing a winner a pretty long process. If you’re curious how those names were chosen, I generated the winners by entering each person into Text Mechanic’s “Random Line Picker.”

Thank you all for playing, it was fun to read all the responses. I knew a lot of you had some strong opinions about local sports talk radio, and you sure didn’t disappoint.