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Five funny moments that occurred after Warriors-Pelicans Game 2

There’s nothing funny about losing, but winners get to show off their comedic side. Take the Giants, who are known almost as much for their cute, cuddly characters as their three World Series titles. Note, I said “almost.” The Brandons’ exploits, Romobombs and Buster Posey’s pained facial expressions in commercials aren’t as funny when the team is losing.

The Warriors aren’t quite there yet in terms of their true — or playful, at least — personalities being on full display. Most followers of the team know there’s no shortage of sarcasm in Golden State’s locker room, thanks mostly to Steve Kerr, Andrew Bogut and Andre Iguodala. However, since anyone who’s reading this particular story surely watched last night’s game and saw just how serious this team can be on the defensive end, I figured it might be worthwhile to mention a few of the lighter moments from last night’s postgame media gaggles.

None of this stuff is exactly laugh-out-loud funny, but what good is access if you can’t relay some of the moments you probably won’t get on the mainstream websites/newspapers or the channels that broadcast the games.

1. Steve Kerr on Draymond Green

“I ask Draymond if he’s tired. If he says no, I leave him in. If he says yes, I leave him in. It’s a very scientific approach.”

Alright, I already used that one in the game story. But that quote perfectly represents Kerr’s press conference demeanor. Kerr can get a little snippy after losses (which means he’s rarely snippy), but imagine if he handled less-than-stellar questions like Gregg Popovich. I’m not sure the Bay Area media would take kindly to such a dismissive attitude, so it’s good that Kerr worries more about cracking jokes than crushing egos.

2. Andrew Bogut teases Ethan Sherwood Strauss

The center spoke with the media in the middle of the locker room, and after that session was over he walked to his locker, which is in the corner next to Iguodala. On the other side of Iguodala is Green’s locker.

Green was talking to reporters, and as Strauss walked over to Green, Bogut noted how it was a surprise that he didn’t get a question from the ESPN writer. Strauss let Bogut know that he’d have something for him later, but Bogut wasn’t having it.

“You missed your time, buddy.”

3. Andre Iguodala teases Draymond Green

Iguodala’s that guy in the back, watching the action and throwing verbal darts. It feels like a Wu-Tang Clan metaphor would work well here, but I’m not sure who Iguodala would be. Inspectah Deck? GZA?

Iguodala seems to enjoy poking fun at the way Green says certain words.

“Throughout the course of the season, they’ve done that multiple times,” said Green, who emphasized “multiple” to the point where it sounded like MALL-tip-pull. Iguodala had some fun while putting his shirt on.

“Malltiple. Malltiple. Malltiple.”

Green shot back: “MUL-TI-PLE.”

Iguodala made light of Green in a similar way at least one more time — it definitely seemed like something Iguodala has been doing for the better part of two years, and it clearly gets under Green’s skin.

4. Stephen Curry teases Klay Thompson

Curry and Thompson were at the podium together, and after Warriors Vice President of Communications (PR) Raymond Ridder let everyone know it was “last question” time, I asked both players whether they can sense early if one or the other has it going, and in those cases look to get the ball to each other. Curry — not surprisingly — took the wheel and started to answer the question with a nod to Thompson’s two ridiculous performances during the regular season: the 37-point quarter against Sacramento and that great quarter against … um … which team was it again?

“The Nets. No, no … it was, uh, Grizzlies.”

“You gotta remember your good games, man.”

5. Klay Thompson teases Marcus Thompson (no relation). 

Remember when I said I had the last question? That was a lie, as Bay Area News Group’s Marcus Thompson had one more thing he wanted to ask Curry. Instead of sitting patiently, Klay took this as an opportunity to give Thompson a hard time. Klay gave Marcus a smirk, shook his head and looked at his watch a couple times.

Kerr always mentions how his team is loose, and that was certainly the case after their 97-87 win last night.

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