Where was Joe Montana on Monday night? Who knows, but there were several other 49ers luminaries who made one last trip to Candlestick Park. Since I shot a bunch of photos both before and after the game that I’m not sure I’ll be able to use if I don’t post them ASAP, here’s Part III of my photo series: the former 49ers.

We’ll start with the game’s honorary captain, Eddie Debartolo, who provides the best “caption this” photo I’ve ever taken.

Eddie Debartolo 49ers last game Candlestick Park

“Make sure there’s plenty of beer, and I want twist-off bottles.”

I was able to capture every former 49er I saw except for Harris Barton (sorry, Barton fans). Here’s Brent Jones:

Brent Jones 49ers last game Candlestick Park

Check out Jerry Rice’s purple shoes he used to run a post pattern and catch a “touchdown pass” from Steve Young:

Jerry Rice last game Candlestick Park

Here’s Rice sharing a moment with fellow wideout Dwight Clark before the game:

Jerry Rice Dwight Clark 49ers Candlestick Park

Steve Young was pretty intense during the last couple minutes of the game:

Steve Young last game Candlestick Park

Terrell Owens had a great career, and his touchdown reception in the playoffs against the Packers was a great Candlestick moment, but he seemed out of place during the postgame ceremony considering the other (non-Chris Berman) guys on stage. Oh well.

Terrell Owens Jerry Rice Chris Berman last game Candlestick Park

Here’s another “caption this” photo, this time featuring Berman (for a look at Boomer throwing his weight around before the game, click here):

Chris Berman Dwight Clark Jerry Rice last game Candlestick Park

Here comes Eddie D! Look who isn’t clapping (Owens didn’t clap for Jed, either):

Eddie Debartolo Steve Young Dwight Clark Terrell Owens Chris Berman Jerry Rice

Eddie wears his sunglasses at night … which is about as surprising as Owens neither acknowledging Mr. D’s presence nor paying attention to his speech.

Eddie Debartolo last game Candlestick Park Jed York Chris Berman Terrell Owens Jerry Rice

Sorry, no photos of Boyz II Men. Once they started singing and I realized that Montana wasn’t making a surprise cameo, I turned around and headed to the 49ers locker room (meaning I missed the fireworks show, but talking to Eric Wright was worth it).