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Friday Night Lights (Daly City Style)

In about a half hour I have to leave to go cover a high school football game in Daly City. I can’t wait either, my editor told me the team in Daly City, which I’m to focus on, “isn’t very good.” So don’t write too much. I checked out their first game, and they only lost 56-0, so I don’t know what he’s talking about. They might be coached by Scott Linehan, and he’s famous.

The Daly City team is playing an East Bay squad that’s 0-2, so this game should be a real delight. Plus, it looks like it’s going to start raining. I love covering high school football when:

A. The weather’s decent.

B. The game’s decent.

C. The players don’t yell “C’mon, let’s hit somebody!” or “C’mon guys, let’s STEP IT UP!!!!” right into my ear more than 30 times in a game. That’s enough to make a reporter up and switch sidelines.

I think tonight I’m going to have to pray that the kids are relatively quiet, or at least vary what they yell a little. Anyway, here are a few thoughts about the sports world before I have to go change into my poncho.

— The Ryder Cup is going on now and the underdog Americans are ahead 5.5-2.5 after day one, which brings up one thing: how is it that I know more of the European golfers than the American ones? Has Tiger mania destroyed my casual golf knowledge to that point without me realizing it? J.B. Holmes? Anthony Kim? Hunter Mahan? Boo Weekley? What is this, To Kill a Mickelson?

— If I told you I wasn’t terrified that I have two Raiders (Ronald Curry and Michael Bush) on my fantasy team, I’d be lying.

— After being subjected to the AL and NL Wests this year, does anybody else feel like they’ve been shielded from the actual world of baseball this year? The Angels have been killing their division for months, and the Giants have played in the worst division in the league all year.

— Even though I hate the Dodgers, it’s either L.A. or the Cubs going to the World Series from the National League. Good starters, good closers, a few hitters who can hit good pitching on each team. In the American League, it’s going to be the Red Sox or the Angels, even though I wish the Rays would get in, just to see Tropicana Field with bunting. MLB would probably move Tampa’s home games to Yankee Stadium if they somehow get in. Luckily for baseball, Tampa has a terrible closer situation.

— Speaking of Tampa, I just saw the first replay in a Major League game. They changed a ground rule double by Carlos Pena into a homer. It was the right call, but it took 4:10 to occur. Hmmm.

— Tim Lincecum got plunked on the hand by Randy Johnson while attempting to bunt last night, but stayed in the game. Anybody else get the feeling Lincecum might end up being the first pitcher to be forced to wear a batting helmet while on the mound? He just always seems to be in the ball’s way.

— And if Brandon Webb’s garbage win over the Giants a couple nights ago (where he gave up 3 runs in the first inning before Jonathan Sanchez imploded) earns him the Cy Young over Lincecum (who gave up 3 runs in 8 innings without his best stuff and lost 3-2), I’m going to write a letter.

— Is there anything worse than picking up a player in fantasy football, and an hour later seeing that notice on the Yahoo! fantasy sports homepage that your new addition has been dropped by 8,719 owners today?

— Sorry Lane Kiffin I’m sure you’re a decent coach, but I’m waiting for you to get fired. I can’t help it, I’m just too giddy about the comedic potential of a Head Coach Rob Ryan Era in Oakland.

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