The Melt BASG Meet-up

Sometimes it’s nice to get out of the pressbox and watch a game in the stands. It’s even better to grab dinner with a huge group of friends and watch an 8-2 win in your own section. Or two full rows in a section, at least.

First we started out at The Melt, something I’ve never done before. I’ve eaten there, just not before a Giants game. Usually I walk by in the afternoon on my way to cover a night game, and stare longingly at their bucket of beer on ice because drinking before “working” isn’t a good idea. But last night wasn’t work, so …

The Melt Beer Cooler

Last time I went to The Melt I had “The Italian Job,” which was delicious. I figured I’d change it up last night, so I went with their Ballpark Combo – a grilled cheese sandwich with hot dogs and mustard inside with spicy black bean soup. Also delicious.

The Melt Ballpark Combo

Then Team BASG and the contest winners and other assorted friends and fans started making their way into the restaurant after I finished stuffing my face, including Bay Area Stats Guy and his wife, Lindsey.

Mr. and Mrs. Bay Area Stats Guy

And my cousin Heather (in the white shirt with the orange collar) and her friends:

The Melt BASG Meet-up 3rd Townsend

Here’s Jen and her friend Erika, who won both a free meal from The Melt and tickets to the game.

The Melt BASG contest winners

The game started with a scary moment, at least for those of us who didn’t quite make it in time. Right when we saw the field, Matt Cain took a line shot off his body, then sprinted over to the first base line and somehow got the out at first. The rest of the game went as smoothly as one could imagine. Cain went eight innings, the Giants were on fire with runners in scoring position, and as I continually checked my phone to see how the Warriors were doing I felt better and better about not making the trip to Oracle instead.

BASG meet-up AT&T

Thanks to everyone who came out to The Melt and/or the game, including all the writers I’m so lucky to have on my team: Scott Willis, Scott Warfe, Wendy Thurm, Kyle McLorg and Carmen Kiew. Thanks to my sister, Meagan, for making the drive down from Petaluma. And thanks to my cousin, who claims that the Giants have now gone 37-0 in the games she has attended. I don’t have any confirmation of this besides my aunt saying it’s true, so I’m going to go ahead and believe her and see if the Giants read this and give her season tickets. Thanks to all the winners and friends who showed up and made the night more fun, including Adrian, Myles, Christina, Chris, Fernando, Jued, Shaina, Lindsey, Lisa, Alexis, Sophie, Jen, Erika, Erin, Samantha, David, Burton, Chris, Kirstie, Amber, Josh and Audrey (who sold a couple club level seats to SFGate’s Peter Hartlaub, who didn’t realize he had purchased Giants tickets until he got to Oracle Arena … poor guy). My apologies if I missed anybody!

After the game most everyone cleared out except Liz, Meagan, Chris and I, and they put the end of the Warriors game on the jumbotron. So we got to watch the Warriors’ deficit climb from 5 to 10 points over the game’s last two minutes while thankfully avoiding seagull bombs (there were seagulls actually sitting in the outfield when Angel Pagan hit his home run in the sixth inning).

AT&T Park seagulls

Once again, a thank you to all (except the gulls). I really appreciate everyone taking the time to come and hang out with us, and a huge thank you to The Melt for feeding us and letting me leave my backpack in their office while I watched the game. I need that thing in the pressbox, but not when I have the night off.