Since you surely aren’t tired of “Gangnam Style” yet, some morning zoo host in Seattle has a special treat for you. And it’s quite possibly the most aggressively unfunny thing produced in 2012.

While most 49ers fans consider Pete Carroll slimy and mildly annoying, Seahawks fans hate Jim Harbaugh. That probably explains how this video has more thumbs up than down on YouTube, although it might also be because not many people other than Seahawks fans have seen it.

Some show called “Mitch in the Morning” on 950 AM KJR put together this “song,” which pokes fun at Harbaugh for being pompous, wearing a black sweatshirt tucked into khakis and being a “horse’s ass” and a “douchebag.”

It sounds like Mitch Levy is coming up with these lyrics off the top of his head, and I don’t mean that in a good way. Watch this if you hate music and comedy.

(h/t @KyleBonagura)