Welcome back to the 2nd half of baseball everyone!

I know we were only without baseball for a few days, but it felt like a lifetime. Thank goodness we had the Timmy No-Hitter to carry us into the break, or I think everyone would have lost their minds. Can you imagine if we were still working the #RockBottom hashtag? I’m not sure fans would have made it..

It’s still a little weird to see Chad Gaudin take the hill as a starter, let alone the guy who kicks off our 2nd half. I don’t think that gurney-business helped, but I have to hand it to him — he was absolutely spectacular tonight. Coming into this game, he was already posting great stats: 2.39 ERA, 3-1 W/L record, and a 1.41 WHIP.

In tonight’s game, here is Gaudin’s final line:

7.0 IP, 3 H, 8 SO, and he lowered his ERA to 2.15 ERA

Put that one in the books as another quality start for Gaudin. He also threw 92 pitches when his unofficial cutoff has been 80. He seems to be earning himself a longer leash, and it’s comforting to know we have a very capable long man when Vogelsong is back in the mix and our starting pitching decides to act a fool again.

The Giants offense was not technically an explosion of awesomeness, but they did accomplish three very important things:

  • They scored first
  • They scored early
  • They scored

The G’s were able to muster 2 runs in the first inning with what the Giants are known best for – SMALL BALL! Buster Posey continued to be Buster Posey, and it seems like Hunter Pence’s RBI mechanism has kicked in because he was able to drive home a run. Is this Pence making a case for himself to stay in San Francisco? Better late than never!

Stolen Gamer Babes (eh, whatever) 

- Posey remains a constant source of joy for San Franciscans – he went 1-for-4 with an RBI. Doesn’t seem impressive but in a 2 run game, that’s a big contribution.

- Brandon Belt had a weird night despite going 2-for-3. His first hit was a weird popup where he lazily jogged to first instead of running and stretching it out to be a double. It didn’t end up mattering when Brandon Crawford flied out to left.

His second weird moment came when Adam Eaton laid down a bunt to and Belt abandoned the bag to field the play… one that he didn’t really have a chance to make. For someone who is very defensively gifted, that was a strange thing to do…

Despite those two derpy plays, he continues to produce hits. As per Alex Pavlovic, he has reached base 13 of his last 26 plate appearances. So if you’re gonna call into KNBR later, lay off his hitting because he’s actually doing well in that respect. Don’t worry, there are still a wide berth of topics you can discuss.

- As mentioned, Hunter Pence seems to be slowly heating up — he went 2-for-4 with an RBI. Again, doesn’t seem like a lot until you realize there wasn’t much else happening in the “scoring runs” department. Oh and he made this fun catch:

- The bullpen did a nice job keeping runners from scoring although they gave me some barf-y feelings while doing it. Of course it was Santiago Casilla who came in with the bases loaded to scare the pants off me. But as a good Jairo always does, he got Paul Goldschmidt to ground out to Crawford. Enjoy your shut out, D-backs!

- There was a nice moment for Tim Lincecum at the ballpark when they showed his no-no on the big screen. He came out and doffed his cap. And in the most Timmy-way possible, he got adorably awkward and pretended to check his watch when the standing ovation went long:

- Oh and in case you missed it, the Diamondbacks got a new mascot. And he’s um, interesting. I only wish he travelled with the team:



- Last but not least, THIS. THIS THIS THIS: