Alyssa Milano

Giants add another one of Alyssa Milano’s exes

According to Andy Baggarly and others, the Giants picked up Brad Penny to be their fifth starter. On one hand, it’s a good thing that the Giants don’t have to keep rotating guys like Ryan Sadowski, Joe Martinez or (uggh) Ramon Ortiz in and out of the rotation. Also, the thought of throwing 20-year-old Madison Bumgarner in the middle of a pennant race and expecting him to become this year’s David Price was beyond optimistic.

However, Penny is known as a world-class redass. He looks like an unfriendly character on the mound, and apparently he’s pretty toxic in the clubhouse as well. The one advantage is he already has something in common with Barry Zito: he dated Alyssa Milano. So perhaps the two can compare notes on the noted lover/stalker of baseball players, who recently took herself off the market by marrying an agent (and walked down the aisle to John Lennon’s “Imagine”, an idea she probably got from Zito…I’d think Penny would rather have his bride walk down to aisle to something from Toby Keith).

Hopefully Penny won’t ruffle too many feathers, since the Giants’ team chemistry seems to be as strong as their lineup is weak. If he keeps his mouth shut and wins a game or two, eating more innings than KFC Double Downs, the Giants may have something. If Zito ends up with a black eye the same night Penny mysteriously breaks his hand, we’ll all know who to blame: Brian Sabean.

C’mon, we can’t blame Milano for everything…just terrible clothing and insipid sports books.

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