If the San Francisco Giants would’ve come back from a 9-3 deficit, it would have been insane … especially considering the Milwaukee Brewers had their way with Barry Zito during an eight-run third inning. But Zito was the best pitcher on the staff for a couple weeks, and we need to remember that. It’s fun when Zito is good, because he knows how to strut … even when he isn’t moving at all.

There were an almost inordinate amount of great stories that came from a game that wasn’t all that great. Brandon Belt had three hits. Angel Pagan and Pablo Sandoval just keep on hitting. Chad Gaudin, Jose Mijares and George Kontos combined to allow only one earned run in a hitters’ ballpark over 6.1 innings. Okay, maybe I’m really only impressed by Gaudin’s perfect 2.1 innings because he came out of freaking nowhere.

Alright, enough about the game. Let’s watch sausages run around. (via @carmenkiew)

Ha, that chorizo’s looking pretty fast, and he’s even staying upright this time. He must have been working on his balance since I watched the Brewers host the Giants a month ago during Spring Training.

Chorizo winning the sausage race

Chorizo falling Milwaukee Brewers

Chorizo is really screwed now Milwaukee Brewers

poor Chorizo