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Giants end homestand with 5-0 win, now it’s time to get David Price

I’ve been really rational about up to this point. The Giants are only screwing around with the Dodgers, I wrote. They should set their sights on Mike Leake, I wrote. It’s in the Giants’ nature to stand pat and trust in their veterans, I wrote.

That’s all over. Perspective? Out the window. I don’t know how to describe how I feel right now, but I guess it’s safe to say I’ve gone “Full Krueger.” Maybe it’s the hot streak (13 wins out of 15 games), maybe it’s the 5-0 win today that brought the Giants into a first place tie in the NL West (the Dodgers play the A’s this evening). I want to see the Giants deal for David Price, and I wouldn’t mind seeing them send any package of those four pitchers to Detroit.

Rental, schmental. Yeah, I know what I’m writing/thinking is ridiculous. I’ve heard the “homegrown” commercial on KNBR a zillion times. The Giants aren’t in a mood to give up young, cheap talent for two-plus months of ace-like pitching. Just ask Larry Baer, that’s what he’ll tell you.

There’s no logical reason to assume Price would sign an extension with San Francisco before hitting the open market at the end of the season, since Price grew up in Tennessee, played college ball in Tennessee, and has spent his entire big league career in the Eastern Time Zone. But for whatever reason, I see Price falling in love with the ballpark, the fans, the clubhouse, everything.

This is completely based on my own selfishness. Price has pitched on the other side of the country (or close enough, in Detroit’s case) in the American League for eight years, but I’ve seen Price enough to know he’s one of the dozen or so pitchers in the majors who you’d call dynamic, captivating, exciting, electric … pick the “take my disposable income now” adjective of your choosing.

I would put Clayton Kershaw, Zack Greinke, Jose Fernandez, Chris Sale, Sonny Gray, Max Scherzer, Gerrit Cole, Felix Hernandez and Madison Bumgarner in this category. I’m probably missing one or two. Notice that the Dodgers have two of them. Tim Lincecum was in this category several years ago. But Price is the only one who’s available now. I wouldn’t put Cole Hamels, Jeff Samardzija or Jon Lester (who the Giants pursued before the season) in this category, although I’m aware it’s a matter of personal taste.

Price is going to be absurdly expensive to re-sign, his postseason ERA is 4.50, and the Dodgers can probably put together a more enticing package of players. But the Giants are playing so well against bad teams, they’re about to embark on a difficult stretch of games in August, and it seems foolish to pin the team’s October hopes on Madison Bumgarner for a second straight year. Chris Heston is a great story, but this is all new for him. Matt Cain is a question mark. Jake Peavy’s postseason stats are comically bad. Tim Hudson is nearing the end. Ryan Vogelsong could be the Giants’ closer in a month or two (don’t laugh, it’s not all that crazy). Lincecum has been M.I.A. for weeks.

We’re in the midst of prime seasons for Buster Posey, Bumgarner, Hunter Pence (when he’s been healthy) and Brandon Crawford. A lefty-lefty combo of Bumgarner and Price is just too good to resist.


Hey, I know it’s not going to happen, but that felt pretty good. I don’t care who knows it, I just really want to watch Price pitch every fifth game, and the idea of seeing him in a Dodgers uniform is way more nauseating than worrying about Mat Latos and Mike Morse heading to L.A. September should be wild around these parts, and it’d be that much more exciting with Price in the Giants’ rotation.


Extra BASGs

— Pence is incredible. The lunging catch, the assist to third base to complete a double play, the drive to left field that scored Matt Duffy to break a scoreless tie … the dude is a monster.

— Duffy is FAST. I know Posey is the man in San Francisco, but it seems like a different player makes a case that he’s the 2015 team MVP every game. Hell, every inning.

— On that note, how about Crawford’s play on the slow grounder Jean Segura hit — that spun off the mound — in the seventh with a man on third?

— I knocked Peavy’s postseason record, but he’s been pretty, pretty, pretty good since coming back. And who thought he’d give the Giants anything this year? He was hurt, he was bad, then he was getting roughed up during his rehab starts in the minors. Now he’s an automatic solid six innings. If the Giants got that every time from each of their starters they’d be fine, especially with this 13-man staff.

— Baseballs keep finding crazier and crazier ways to hit Hector Sanchez. You know the ball Latos threw years ago that smashed Dave Flemming’s moonroof? It’s amazing that it didn’t somehow hit Sanchez instead, even though Sanchez was playing for Augusta at the time.

— Posey dragging Lincecum to the finish line:

Posey Lincecum

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