Madison Bumgarner threw behind Jesus Guzman the first chance he got, because that was the Madison Bumgarner thing to do. Bochy said Bumgarner didn’t mean to throw at Guzman, he was just “trying to go in.” He also said “these things happen,” which is correct — when a guy like Guzman shows up one of Bumgarner’s teammates, he’s going to throw pitches that “go in” without apologizing.

Guzman thought he got the last laugh. After hitting a long fly ball to the left field wall two pitches after Bumgarner buzzed his backside with a 92-mph fastball, he walked and later hit a home run over the Chevron cars. Guzman kept his celebration in check this afternoon, but the Giants were down 2-1 and the villain came out on top. Guzman was officially the new Mat Latos, the one Padre truly worthy of scorn.

The lesson: even though Bumgarner surely scored points with his teammates (especially Jeremy Affeldt, the one whose head dropped as Guzman gesticulated down the first base line as if his career just ended), but runs are a better form of revenge than plunkings and bench-clearing discussions. The Giants answered Guzman’s home run in the top of the seventh with the rally they needed in the bottom of the inning, and they struck quickly.

Tony Abreu started with a single, and Hector Sanchez hit a single to move Abreu to third. Gregor Blanco crushed a triple to right-center that Will Venable had no chance of stealing away, Marco Scutaro lined a single up the middle as if taking batting practice, and Buster Posey lined a single to right, and Luke Gregerson (whose ERA went from 1.95 to 2.51 today) left the game after allowing hits on the last four pitches he threw. The Giants came away with three runs and the series victory that didn’t seem likely at several points over the last 24 hours.

Stolen BASGs

— We all remember the time Carlos Quintin and Zack Greinke got into it, which ended in Greinke breaking his collarbone and Matt Kemp arguing with Clayton Richard in the parking lot (otherwise known as the night Vin Scully kept saying “fertilizer”). Just the other day Greinke was involved in another fracas, this time against Ian Kennedy and the D-Backs. So that leaves the Colorado Rockies as the only team in the division not to be involved in a game where a guy was thrown at intentionally. There’s still time.

— The Giants were resolute in their refusal to talk about what happened in the second inning or the way Guzman acted last night. Here’s Bumgarner saying “no comment”:

— Posey claimed not to see Guzman’s celebration on Tuesday night. “I was watching the ball,” he said.

— Six of Guzman’s 17 career home runs have come against the Giants, and five have come against D-Backs pitching. When’s the next time Guzman might face Kennedy? Asking for a friend.

— I asked Posey whether the Giants came up to the plate with an aggressive mindset against Gregerson, and (surprise!) he said no:

— Scutaro comes back with mallet finger (I still have no idea what that is) and went 2-for-4 in both of his first two games back. Even if Scutaro’s finger didn’t hurt — and since he’s wearing a splint I’m sure it isn’t pain-free — coming back after a week off and hitting this way is pretty remarkable, just in the fact that his plate appearances have looked almost effortless.

“He’s unbelievable, he’s something else. I haven’t talked to him after the game, but I wanted to say that it’s incredible how he’s playing with that injury and compete the way he’s been doing it the last two games,” said Blanco of Scutaro. The video below includes that and a couple more comments about Scutaro from Blanco, followed by me asking a question where I used the word “win” when I should’ve used “won.” These day games after night games, they’ll get ya.

“He makes it look easy. Right now he’s not really talking about the splint or if it’s affecting him,” Bochy said. “We were a little concerned how he’d feel today, but he felt great and swung the bat well.”

— Crawford came in as a pinch runner for Sanchez, and told me he was under orders from the coaching staff to slide feet-first after bruising two fingers on his throwing hand sliding head-first into second last night. Crawford said his fingers felt better and was optimistic that he’d play tomorrow night against Miami. But while he won’t be sliding head-first anytime soon, he’s not ready to give up the practice entirely.

“It’s the first time this has ever happened. So I think it’s a random kind of thing. I think he just tagged me on the finger. Honestly I’m not sure,” he said. “For a little while I’ll probably go feet-first.”

— In honor of Duane Kuiper’s birthday, Carmen Kiew made this video of Kuip announcing his one and only MLB homer:

— And with that, I’m off to the Amici’s on King Street. Bruce and Kim Bochy will be making an appearance at both San Francisco locations, along with some Giants coaches, players and their significant others. If you’re in the neighborhood, come down and say hello — Carmen, Ruthless and East Bay Sports Guy will all be there.

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