Barry Zito

Giants flame out in grand fashion

Mike Fontenot ran into an umpire, and fell backwards onto the infield dirt. No, really. In the first inning, Fontenot actually ran into Bruce Dreckman and bounced off him. As if Fontenot was a 5-year-old kid running way too fast, and Dreckman was his dad. Except Fontenot was chasing after an infield grounder that he would have gotten to if Dreckman’s slow, umpirey frame wasn’t in the way.

For once I wished Jeff Keppinger was in the game instead. Dreckman would have had all the time in the world to get out of the way if Kepp was trying to make that play. Because Kepp is a long lost Molina brother, only he may be slower…

Saturday night’s 15-2 loss to the D-Backs had it all. Slapstick comedy. Barry Zito. Then the lights went out at Chase Field, causing a delay. I’m proud to say I have no idea how long the game was delayed, because I started flipping channels after Duane Kuiper threw it to commercial by announcing, “We will take this break and maybe when we come back, if we don’t have any answers, we’ll make some up.”

The game started with Fontenot running into an umpire and falling to the ground as if concussed, and finished with the lights turning off. Metaphors are punching us in the face. Then Zack Wheeler seemingly added insult to injury with this tweet, sent just a few minutes after the Giants were officially eliminated from the postseason.

Wheeler denied that he was talking about the team that traded him to the Mets for Carlos Beltran, later tweeting that the schadenfreude was generated by his feelings toward a person, not an organization:

Which made sense to me, because who hasn’t gotten into a laugh-out-loud feud with someone of the female persuasion? Go get her, Zack!

But leave it to the Wheeler, who in his Twitter bio describes himself as a “chilled guy,” to hit me with some much-needed maturity.

The perfect end to a perfect evening to (mathematically) end a far-from-perfect season.


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