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Giants’ game of musical catharsis continues…

Aubrey Huff laced a homer to right field — right center, really — during what hopefully was one of the coldest night games of the season. Jonathan Sanchez’s hitting reminded everyone of the 2010 regular season finale, and his pitching wasn’t all that bad either, despite what all the haters will tell you. Miguel Tejada of all people had 3 hits. Armando Benitez rolled out to the AT&T Park mound on a Segway and collected the save (just wanted to see if you were paying attention).

It looks like the Giants might end up being one of those teams without a guy who hits 20 home runs or steals 20 bases. Or drives in/scores 100 runs. Someone will probably get hot and prove me wrong (Buster Posey?), but at the moment this team is a grab-bag of interchangeable parts. Oh, Andres Torres is healthy and playing better than he has since August? Okay, guess that means Pat Burrell gets some rest, Aaron Rowand will go back to being Aaron Rowand (he’s probably used up all his cathartic moments this year), and Nate Schierholtz will be the new bullpen catcher.

This has been quite the interesting season thus far, in that every single player on the team has had at least one great moment and regrettable moment already. Well, except for the trio of Javier Lopez, Ramon Ramirez and Sergio Romo, who are doing their impression of the Padres’ bullpen from 2010.

Jonathan Sanchez and the spoiled garlic fry consumer…

One last thing before I’ll cut this post off, since I planned on writing it last night but it got too late and this afternoon’s game is about to start and render this piece dated and in today’s internet world, near-irrelevant … I am nearing my breaking point with people on the treatment of Jonathan Sanchez. From fans, morning radio hosts, even Dave Flemming and Jon Miller. Yes, he has mental lapses. Yes, he walks too many guys. Yes, he makes too many facial expressions like the one to the right.

But where do Giants fans and observers get off expecting a perfect performance from every starting pitcher, every game of the season? Forget consistency for a while. Enjoy the stretches when he’s the best lefty in the game (like he was for about six weeks near the end of last season) and relax when he only goes five innings and gives up three runs.

It’s not that bad. Fans of most Major League teams would kill to have Sanchez as their third-best pitcher. Believe me.

Do people realize just how ridiculous Tim Lincecum is? How by nearly every measure he’s the best pitcher we’ll probably ever see in a Giants uniform for the rest of our lives? Nobody has a rotation full of Lincecums, no matter what Phillies fans will tell you. People take every struggle Sanchez has as a personal affront, and I just don’t get it. I never will, either. The absolute worst in all this is Brian Murphy, something I’ve mentioned before. I don’t know if Sanchez blew off a scheduled interview, or ignored Brian when he came into the clubhouse one time, but the whole angst-over-Sanchy thing is like spoiled 49ers fans complaining that Jeff Garcia throws too many jump passes and doesn’t play like Steve Young or Joe Montana.

And Twitter’s getting out of hand whenever Sanchez gives up a run. “Oh. My. God. I am so ABOVE watching Jonathan Sanchez pitch. I am frustrated, and this just can’t be!” Okay, that’s not an actual comment I saw written, just the overall vibe I’m getting. If my thoughts make me a Jonathan Sanchez apologist, so be it.

Okay, ONE last thing: if you haven’t already, you should check out my latest on SB Nation Bay Area: Willie Mays And 9 Other Bay Area Athletes I Wish I Saw Play. Who are the guys who were so good in their prime that I wish I could travel back and time and watch them? You’ll have to click to find out…

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