It’s going to be impossible to write a post that fully encapsulates everything that happened in Tuesday night’s game at AT&T Park, when the Arizona D-Backs beat the San Francisco Giants 8-6 in 11 innings. Why impossible?

For one thing, the Giants tied a Major League record by using 11 pitchers, and used a franchise record-tying 25 players. A lot of things happen in a game when records like those are set/tied.

Also, I left the Giants’ clubhouse at 12:06 am on Wednesday morning.

Stolen BASGs

— The Giants almost had their fifth comeback win in eight days, and it would’ve been the third time they came back from three or more runs in a game to win in the last six days (the Giants found themselves behind 4-1 and 5-2 to the D-Backs) … if only they could’ve scored in the 8th when Brandon Belt’s single in front of the lumbering/diving Jason Kubel put Hunter Pence (who hit multiple foul balls off himself before walking on a 3-2 count) on third with no outs.

— Belt smashed a majestic home run into the cold, foggy night sky and into the cove (Splash Hit No. 62 for the Giants) to get things going in the 6th. I missed the first part of Belt’s interview where he talked about the homer and didn’t want to be rude and ask him to talk about it again. However, I did catch the following portion of his postgame interview on the video below. First, he was asked about Brandon Crawford’s ridiculous double play to end the 7th.

“It scared the crap out of me because he threw it 95 from 30 feet away … that was an awesome play,” Belt said.

Then I asked about what Buster Posey said to him when he ran in from first base and caught Kubel’s popup in front of home plate to end an extraordinarily stressful eighth inning.

Video length – 0:46

— Ryan Vogelsong was touching 93 mph with regularity on the stadium radar gun (he’s usually around 91, 92 tops). But while his fastball was fast, it was “flat” and without “tilt.” I asked him if that was a result of overthrowing:

Video length – 1:01

— “We keep playing like this we’re going to be fine. Just need to start pitching a little bit better. Myself, that is,” Vogelsong said.

Video length – 0:29

— Sergio Romo pitched two perfect innings, the Giants almost came back from a 3-run deficit and the Dodgers lost. I asked Romo if all those things (the team-specific ones, anyway) help the team take any solace in a solid, yet unsuccessful effort for the first place Giants against Arizona. In a word: no.

Video length – 0:42

— Adam Eaton’s dive on Marco Scutaro’s triple provided some early laughs, at least. Poor rookie was at least six feet away from the ball, but those sorts of things can happen during your MLB debut. I’m just guessing on that one, obviously.

— Kubel played a pretty big role in this one. He knocked in the winning runs in his last at-bat to salvage a 1-for-5 night where he was thrown out at second on a force by Pence and played the outfield with the speed of a portly DMV clerk.

— Speaking of portly, it was funny to see all the Giants fans bashing D-Backs reliever Mike Zagurski (who has such a perfect name for how he looks that it’s almost like onomatopoeia in a way) for being overweight … you know, since the Giants have svelte relievers like Brad Penny, Jose Mijares, Guillermo Mota and Jean Machi.

— Pablo Sandoval, whose blast to right-center probably would’ve ended this game in any other Major League park, had his right hand wrapped after the game. His most recent surgery was to remove the hamate bone in his left hand.

— The bruise on the right side of Penny’s stomach (from getting hit by a batted ball) on Monday is huge, multicolored, and more than slightly grotesque.

— Nice to see Emmanuel Burriss come through with his best at-bat as a Major Leaguer after his contract was purchased and he was brought back up today (I’m guessing there, but at this point I’m not about to do any research to see if he’s had any plate appearances which were better). Nine pitches, including five straight Burriss fouled off, before hitting a single that ricocheted off Josh Collmenter to put two men on in the 11th.

— More Romo, after I asked if the Giants expected to win as they mounted that rally in the 8th: “We’re good. We understand that. We just try to show everybody else that, really. Awesome team, to be honest. Awesome team.”

Video length – 0:36