The day started with one last look to the past, as the door was closed on Melky Cabrera’s chances of returning to the team for the postseason. It ended with a look forward, to possible Barry Zito starts in the playoffs and a rookie class that dealt valiantly with the spandex bodysuits they were forced to wear.

According to Brandon Belt (not a rookie, but there was no hazing last season), it was Javy Lopez’s idea to have some of the players wear suits that matched their college colors. Belt was a Texas Longhorn, but he felt like his suit’s colors were closer to the Tennessee Volunteers — I’d have to agree.

I’m not really surprised that the tradition was skipped last year, since the second half of the 2011 season was a colossal bummer for most involved (except Carlos Beltran, who finished the year at .300).

I’d like to think the headline for this post is a high-water point for BASG. News and analysis, that’s what you’ll get here! Sure, I could write about the Giants winning their tenth straight Barry Zito start, or the home runs hit by Hunter Pence, Marco Scutaro and Hector Sanchez, but let’s get to why you’re here…

You’ve seen the pictures on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s a spandex video montage from the clubhouse.

The guys I got on costume on video include (in order): George Kontos (purple — listen for Aubrey Huff telling Lopez to take a picture so he can send it to Kevin Millar for “Got Heem”), Brett Pill (the giraffe-looking costume, which seemed wrong with Belt around — and check out Huff getting him into costume), Dan Otero (blue/white), strength and conditioning coach Carl Kochan (gold … Academy Award statue gold), Jean Machi (black with white polka dots) and Hector Sanchez (black and white checkered with a fedora).

Stolen BASGs

— Quietly Hunter Pence has crept within 2 RBIs of 100, the milestone Buster Posey reached last night. Putting the usefulness of that traditional “counting” stat aside, I’m predicting a big postseason from Pence. He’s a better hitter than he’s shown so far as a San Francisco Giant. Hopefully for Pence my baseball predictions are a little stronger than my NFL picks.

— Brandon Belt had a rough go of it in left field, looking lost on balls hit in front of him and over his head. He did collect two more hits to raise his average to .277, and although it looks like an extremely risky move to put him in left during the playoffs the Giants might try to get Belt a little more experience at an unfamiliar position in case of postseason emergency.

— Vern Glenn helped out with a little more comedy today, but this time it was when he set up Buster Posey by asking him about his rookie hazing costume (20-second video):

— Posey apologized for the “bad, bad image” he left in our heads when he described the short skirt he was made to wear as a rookie. In case you like bad images, here’s how he looked.

— So this is kind of a bittersweet afternoon for me, and not just because my eyes have been permanently scarred by spandex packages. This is the last Giants game I’ll cover all season, as MLB isn’t keen on giving bloggers postseason credentials. It’s not the Giants’ decision, and I couldn’t be more grateful for the access they’ve granted to me all season, from Spring Training until today. So from here on out I’ll be covering the Giants from my couch, like I used to almost every day until August of last year.

It’s a learning experience every time I come out here, and I can’t wait to go to Spring Training next year and start all over again. Thanks for reading the posts, hopefully the videos and all the rest have been half as entertaining to watch and read as they have been to produce.