As a response to the weekend sweep/massacre against the Dodgers, this 8-7 10-inning loss to the Mets counted as an affirmation. An affirmation that what we saw on Friday, Saturday and Sunday probably wasn’t a fluke. At least not now. The Giants aren’t a good baseball team these days, and teams with problems often see changes when the calendar nears July 31.

And with the team struggling in nearly every phase, the storylines are more than plentiful. They’re almost overwhelming.

Nate Schierholtz: He had a fine game (three hits and the game-tying RBI in the 9th), but he made news for a different reason.

I assume Heyman’s referring to this article, where Schierholtz said, “I think sometimes the standard of my play is different from other players,” Schierholtz said. “We’re all in this to win, but I’m as competitive as anyone. I came in with the expectation to play maybe a little bit more than we’ve seen. A weeklong slump kept me back on the bench for a couple more months.

“It’s a tough hole to dig myself out of and leaves me wondering if they don’t have a future for me here.”

Schierholtz denied Heyman’s report after the game, but it’s hard to imagine a scenario where Schierholtz is still on the team on Tuesday evening — unless the Giants can’t swing a deal for another outfielder. It’s not like they’re stacked with options right now, especially with the recent actions of…

Angel Pagan: He has been terrible for quite some time, and blew off some steam after flying out in his third at-bat (after striking out in his first two) by striking an unnamed inanimate object with his right hand. Pagan was removed from the game, although the injury to his hand isn’t thought to be serious. Pagan’s OPS has dropped from .831 to .711 since June 5.

Sergio Romo: “It’s been a great ride. I’m still on a good ride, but I’m just in a rut,” Romo said after allowing 4 earned runs (the same total he had allowed all season coming into Monday night’s game). “The team needs me to be good so I got to be good. I’m down with that.”

After the interview, Romo smiled and yelled, “Hanging sliders!” Then he jogged out of the clubhouse. He seemed to be taking things ridiculously well, but he also seemed like he needed to get away from everyone as quickly as possible.

Santiago Casilla: He wasn’t exactly booed off the mound, but some assorted catcalls were heard from the stands after he walked off the mound in the 10th. The Giants certainly need somebody, anybody who can hit home runs at their home park. But it’s hard to imagine Brian Sabean not adding at least one extra relief arm before the clock strikes 1 pm Pacific Time on Tuesday.

Aubrey Huff: He hit a perfect double play ball to second that resulted somehow in a run batted in, but Huff came out of the box limping. There’s a good chance he never experiences another at-bat in the Major Leagues. Will he be replaced by Brett Pill on Tuesday? Quite possibly, but the Giants may look for reinforcements elsewhere as well.

Ryan Theriot: Two hits and a walk, but the guy sure has a hard time catching the ball. He isn’t going anywhere, and the Giants will probably wait to improve their second base situation until next season, but they’ll have to find an upgrade at that position sometime before the 2013 starts.

Stolen BASGs

— The Giants absolutely will make a move tomorrow, maybe several. After winning nine of their first 11 games after the All-Star Break, they’ve lost a season-high five in a row. I’ll be at the park tomorrow later today, and we’ll see who’s hugging teammates and who’s sticking around pretty soon.

— This was the first game I’ve covered in about a month, and not all that much has changed. Okay, maybe a couple things.

— In the Giants Dugout Store window next to the security gate I use to enter the park, the Brian Wilson Nike poster (a closeup of Wilson’s facial hair, which is notable not just for the beard but the nosehair that threatens to connect to the moustache portion) has been taken down. In its place, a similar sized poster of Madison Bumgarner, only this one focuses on Bumgarner’s full body as opposed to a closeup of his face. Bumgarner pitched quite well today, even with a relatively high pitch count (9 K, 2 ER in 6 IP). He also collected a base hit.

— Partly due to the non-waiver trade deadline, all anyone could talk about was what others were doing on Twitter. Fake accounts, rumors, etc. But sometimes it’s easier to just scrap all the electronic stuff and go straight to the source, and that’s what one fan did on Monday night. On his way to his seat with a beer, a gentleman stopped at the press box before heading to his spot behind home plate and looked up. “Hey Henry! Any trades?” he said to Henry Schulman, Giants beat writer for the Chronicle. No response from Schulman, but he’ll probably have something to report on Tuesday.