It was the game that seemed like it would never end with the Giants and Mets trading off with offensive futility.  Until the 16th inning, that is, when normally sure handed Brandon Crawford booted a routine ground ball.

For the longest time it seemed like the seagulls were the only ones interested in what was happening on the field.

This game made everyone get a little loopy so this will be very quick recap because, lets face it, no one wants to relive this in detail.

Stolen BASGs:

  • It seemed like forever ago, but Tim Lincecum actually pitched a nice game but was let down by his defense.
  • The 6th inning has not been friendly to Lincecum, even if the damage tonight wasn’t all his fault. The last time he pitched a scoreless 6th inning was back on June 4th against the Blue Jays. In his last 5 starts, he has given up 2, 3, 2, and 1 runs, plus one in which he did not even complete the 5th inning. The third times through the order, opposing hitters have a triple slash of .327/ .381/ .514.
  • Lincecum’s  11 strikeouts were a season high. It was his 33rd career double digit strikeout game and the first this season.
  • Brandon Crawford made the excellent defensive play that should go out to the media for his gold glove nomination in the 11th but failed to make the routine one in the 16th. The tape of that should be burned. Hard to believe.
  • Brandon Belt had a dismal game. His first two at bats he crushed the ball, followed by 5 strikeouts. I am not sure if this has an offical name, but I am going with the platinum sombrero.
  • The Giants offense did a decent job getting people on base but could not get anyone in. In total, the Giants stranded 18 baserunners. Ouch.
  • Bruce Bochy had a bit of a rough night. I am not sure what happened with all the visits in the 16th inning. The length of the game got to everyone.

And on that note that’s it for me tonight. Hopefully this is the worst things get for the Giants this season.