Bright side to all this: we don't live in Cincinnati (unless you do, in which case I'm sure it's nice)

Bright side to all this: we don’t live in Cincinnati (unless you do, in which case I’m sure it’s nice)

I didn’t watch a single second of this game, but I have an excuse. Tomorrow night my wife and I are embarking on a trip to Bali, Malaysia and Thailand. Since I’m a writer (yeah, I know I’m using the term loosely … sort of like calling Paula Deen a “chef” or “not racist”), I procrastinate in every area of my life. So, long story short, I had 5 pm appointment to take our dog, Elle, to the vet to get some shot she needed. She isn’t going to Asia with us, but the shot was due back in May. Like I said, my life is one big (Tim Roye voice) procrastination sensation.

Since I’m the last nerd in San Francisco with an actual walkman, I listened to the game while walking to the vet’s office. When I left the apartment, Cincinnati had just taken a 2-0 lead. As I approached our final destination, my guy Brandon Belt was rounding the bases to make the score … 7-1 Reds. Mike Kickham got a little unlucky during the Reds’ four-run second inning, according to Dave Flemming. Okay. Fair enough. At least Jake Dunning lowered his ERA to 1.86 while Kickham’s soared to 13.94.

After the vet did his thing, I paid the bill and threw my headphones back on as I went outside. The Pomeranian was happy because she was free from animal hell and even got a couple treats on the way out. She’s also blissfully unaware of what it’s like to watch or listen to the Giants lately. I caught half of a commercial before Jon Miller came on and spent at least two minutes talking about the rain coming down currently, the rain that had been coming down for two straight innings, the history of rain delays at Crosley Field, Joe Morgan’s thoughts on the effects rain has on artificial turf vs. grass playing surfaces, the Marco Scutaro rain globe and Prince’s hit “Purple Rain” before letting the audience know the game was in a rain delay.

So I took Elle home, gave her another treat to keep her from peeing on the floor with no one around to stop her, and I walked around some more. More errands! Anything to avoid watching CSN Bay Area! I went to the bank, walked to the Best Buy on Masonic and bought a $10 camera case I later found out I didn’t even need (my wife already got one) and grabbed a chicken pot pie at Green Chile Pies and Ice Cream. The whole time I kept listening, and the rain delay didn’t become a rain-shortened game until I was a block away from home … even though according to the photos and videos I saw from Flemming, Alex Pavlovic and Andrew Baggarly, the lightning was frequent and the rain biblical.

This is all a roundabout way of saying I’m not exactly upset about taking an extended break from this team. I could say that I’m leaving at the perfect time because of the heat wave and BART strike, but I don’t take BART all that often anymore since I stopped working in the East Bay (maybe 10 Warriors games a year, although the allure of getting In-N-Out drive-thru off 880 and avoiding late night Coliseum BART altogether is often too much to pass up when I cover the Dubs). Plus, this evening it was foggy and high 50s with 20-mph winds in the city as I walked around the Western Addition and Laurel Heights. I’ll miss this city during our vacation. I’ll also miss our dog, all of you and “writing,” but maybe taking a break from the Giants would be best for all parties involved.