Justin Christian made an unbelievable play in the outfield last night in Los Angeles, one that helped out the team in a couple ways — one a tad more cynical than the other. First, the diving catch he made in the left field corner to rob Juan Rivera kept Cain out of trouble in the 7th inning. Second, it gave the Giants a convenient excuse to try and find a left field option who could potentially hit left-handed pitching.

Christian jammed his wrist on the play. While an MRI showed no severe damage, Christian is now on the disabled list (an honorable discharge if there ever was one).

Francisco Peguero, he of the 22-game hitting streak that was snapped last night, should be at the park around 6 pm this evening, according to Bruce Bochy.

“(Christian’s) going to be out 4 or 5 days, and we can’t go short without an extra OF, although Theriot can go out there,” said Bochy, who plans to platoon Peguero with Gregor Blanco for the time being.

“Strong kid, good outfielder, good arm, runs well,” said Bochy of Peguero’s credentials. “He’s just gotten better and better with the hitting. This really was an easy (decision) for us with the way he’s playing.”

No Buster Posey in the lineup for a second straight night due to tightness in his hamstring, although Posey and Bochy are optimistic that he’ll be in the lineup tomorrow.

“This is being cautious. If we were in September and we had to win this game, he’d be catching,” Bochy said.

Santiago Casilla is off today, but Bochy noted that since he was used to close last night’s game that shows he’s a part of this closer’s committee that’s been formed, a group that seems subject to change from game to game.

Here’s the one question I asked Bochy:

Pablo Sandoval, since he’s been back, has said he’s 90 or 95%. Is that still accurate, with the hamstring?

Bochy: I’d say, yeah. We had to take him out yesterday, so it’s obviously not 100%. It’s hard to quantify what percent he’s at, only he knows that. He felt it a little bit, that’s why he came out of the game yesterday. But he’s good to go today. We’ll have to just keep an eye on him and if he tightens up during the game, he’ll come out again tonight.

Aubrey Huff took batting practice today. When pressed for an update, Bochy — in my opinion — sounded a little fatigued. Then again, we were getting close to the 10-minute mark for his pregame media session, which is about as long as any of these things go.

“He’s going to be evaluated today. We’re going to make a decision. He’s going to do all the baseball activities out here, running. See where we’re at, what the next move is,” Bochy said.

I think it’s safe to say that it’s going to take a lot more than losing Melky and Christian to get Huff back on the big league roster in August.

Bochy agreed with a reporter who said it must have been hard to sit Joaquin Arias after he went 3-for-5 last night with a homer and two doubles. However, Bochy noted that not only is Brandon Crawford hitting pretty well himself, but part of the reason why Arias is so productive right now is because he’s received regular rest.

This is a big series on a national scale due to all the storylines that come when two pennant-contending teams meet for four games, and you also have Chipper Jones making his latest retirement tour stop in San Francisco.

“If you talk about all-time third basemen, he’s going to be up there,” Bochy said.

Also in the dugout were Ken Rosenthal (who makes Marco Scutaro look tall) and Tim McCarver, who local fans fondly remember calling Giants games on KTVU during the 2002 season.