From CSN Bay Area this morning:

The Giants are expected to announce today that Melky Cabrera, currently serving a 50-game suspension for testosterone use, will not be part of the Giants’ postseason roster, has learned.

My understanding is Cabrera is disappointed, but he and his reps do not plan on filing a grievance in response to the club’s decision.

That report turned out to be incorrect, as Bruce Bochy said the Giants would “probably” announce something on Thursday. Here is the transcript from today’s pregame media gathering.

Do you have any news on what you’re going to do with Melky?

No, not yet. Probably we’ll have something tomorrow. Before we hit the road here hopefully get this cleared up and figure out exactly what we’re going to do so I think tomorrow we’ll have something.

What exactly goes into making that decision?

A lot of things. That’s what we’re talking about now. These are things we’re discussing internally. And of course Melky, his agent, I’m sure they’re involved. I’m not in those discussions personally, my focus has been out here. They want to get something done pretty soon. 

Have you wrestled with that at all? He was your player, you managed him. That’s a tough situation for a player of yours to go through. Have you wrestled with that decision?

I’ll be honest, not really. Because again, we’ve been concentrating out here. Now I know it’s getting close here and there are different ways to look at this, but I know we have to look at what’s best for the club. Guys that have already been playing, things like that. That comes into it, whether he can be ready, all these things are being talked about now. 

Do you consult the clubhouse, players, as far as…

No. No, I haven’t talked to them. Again, right now we’re going to the playoffs and to the first round. He’s not a part of that. So this is why it’s kind of been on the back burner, to be honest, with me.

The San Francisco Chronicle reported that the decision to shut Melky down would likely be announced on Thursday, and The Associated Press reported that the same announcement would likely occur during the Giants’ last home series of the season. While CSN Bay Area seems to have jumped the gun in terms of timing, if the announcement is actually that Cabrera will work out in Arizona and either is still in the Giants plans or will be considered as a possible option then all three reports would turn out to be incorrect.

One question about what Bochy said that I had after transcribing this interview (and I’m still kicking myself that I didn’t think to ask Bochy to clarify this after he said it) was this sentence:

“They want to get something done pretty soon.”

Did Bochy mean “we” instead of “they”? Is he referring to Cabrera and his representation, the Giants’ front office, or all of the above? Maybe we’ll find out tomorrow, but no guarantees.