Fox Broadcast. Lost yesterday. Scuffling. Things couldn’t get worse. They really can’t. I mean it this time though.


Let me set the set the scene for you. First inning – Madison Bumgarner shuts down the inning with a 1-2-3 at bat from the Dodgers.

The Giants come up to bat and wow, Gregor Blanco doubles (snapping an 0-for-25 hitless streak). Marco Scutaro sac-bunts him over. And then our MVP Buster Posey hits a beautiful double to score Gregor Blanco. We scored!


No way, you didn’t actually think the Giants would make something look effortless do you? Turns our Buster Posey batted out of turn (Pablo was originally listed as batting 3rd in the scorecard) and therefore the run didn’t count. Blanco was sent back to third and an out was recorded. Yeah, that’s right – Pablo Sandoval recorded an out without even coming to the plate.

Buster Posey then had another at bat (yeah, that’s a back-t0-back at bat) and flied out to right center. Wonderful. So much for not being embarrassing on National television, right?

Bochy said later, in an interview that never happened and I made up:

“Uhhhh.. I’ve been taking Ambien and it’s making me sleep-manage. It feels like I’m sleepin’ but later Wo(tus) tells me that I just managed 9 innings… guess that wasn’t listed on the side effects.” 

And then, as if Mercury went into retrograde (I actually don’t know if that’s a positive or negative thing..), the dynamic shifted. The Dodgers started doing LOL-worthy things, like this:

That combined with a Punto error here, a Yasiel Puig airmail there and voila, somehow we have FOUR runs – that’s like, 6 games worth!

Madison Bumgarner was the story in this game, pitching 4 perfect innings before allowing an Andre Ethier single, followed by a Tim Federowicz home run that drove in 2 runs.

Nevertheless, that was the only damage the Dodgers could muster against the tough left hander and the bullpen was able to shut the rest down. And that my friends, is how you win a game.

At the end of the game, I almost forgot how Bochy had a total brain fart and we put out the wrong line up. Ah, baseball.

Stolen GamerBabes (eh, whatever.) 

- Yasiel Puig is unavailable for interviews right now as he’s getting fitted for a Golden Sombrero. Don Mattingly seems to think he strikes out in a beautiful manner, so here yo go Donnie, you can look at this whenever you want:

-  Blanco came into this game 0-for-25. He was 3-for-3 tonight with an RBI. Welcome back, White Shark.

- Madison Bumgarner is an amazing wizard who absolutely deserves to go to the All-Star Game. Here’s proof via his line from tonight’s game: 7 IP, 3 H, 2 R, 2 ER, 0 BB, 9 SO, 113 pitches, 76 strikes

- Pablo Sandoval had another hit today and made a nice play at 3rd base to save a run. Seems like the Panda may be getting his groove back.

- Hunter Pence is cold. Ice cold. He’s with Puig right now getting fitted for his sombrero.

- During the game, Marlins reporter Joe Frisaro tweeted:

Nolasco TweetLooks like the Dodgers are going to replace Chris Capuano who has struggled as of late and is the obvious hole in the rotation. The deal doesn’t include the Dodgers’ top prospects but they are paying the rest of what Nolasco is owed this year ($5.5 million).

- I dislike Hanley Ramirez more and more every time I see him. And not (just) because he’s a Dodger. He made an immature/arrogant base running error that could have scored the Dodgers a run by going home on a sharply hit ball by Uribe. Buster Posey tagged him out easily at home… without blocking the plate.

Also, Ramirez was the last man standing when popped out in the 9th. Looks like he said something to Romo as he was walking back to the dugout which prompted this response from Romo:

Love you, Romo.

Let’s hope this is the momentum shift we’ve been waiting for. Rubber match tomorrow.

Summary Analysis: This game was way less terrible than other games.