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GIFs: some of the best plays (and no-calls) from 49ers vs. Packers

No one who watched yesterday’s game in Green Bay will forget what they saw, but I felt sorry for Liz (my wife) because she barely got to see anything at all. She had to fly to Las Vegas for work, and left our apartment at 1 pm. That left me and our dog alone to watch the game, so the dog knew what to do — when the energy in the living room got tense, she left and headed for the bedroom for a long nap.

Meanwhile, Liz was at the airport, on a plane and then in transit to her hotel when the 49ers escaped with a thrilling 23-20 victory. And even though she had a meeting that evening, when she got to her room at midnight she started making GIFs of a game she didn’t even get to watch. That’s dedication, and with the help of Kyle “Ruthless Sports Guy” McLorg, we’ve got this game pretty well covered. Pretty impressive, since this game had plenty of wild moments.

Vernon Davis touchdown catch

After Colin Kaepernick was nearly picked off in the end zone earlier when he tried to lob one in to Vernon Davis, and then he WAS intercepted when he tried floating a pass to the 2nd-Team All-Pro tight end a little while later, this throw seems borderline miraculous.

Really, how did this ball make it through?

Lettin’ ’em play!

Let’s be fair — the 49ers got away with some physical play in coverage. But this end zone mugging of Michael Crabtree was silly.

The clutching and grabbing that went on early in the play was obvious, but what about the hand to the throat a split-second before the ball arrived? Who would ever think this was legal?

Ohhhhhh …

There was some healthy debate after that one between 49ers and Packers fans, the latter claiming that Crabtree was whining excessively, “just like his coach.” I don’t follow a lot of Packers fans, but I didn’t hear anyone claim that Ray McDonald didn’t get held on the 4th-and-2 pass to Randall Cobb.

Ah, who cares about the rules. Football anarchy is what we’re all looking for, right? Eh, maybe there’s a happy medium between games where each team gets flagged a dozen times each and what we saw yesterday.

The game-winning drive and field goal

Here’s where we check out two RUTHLESS GIFS that Kyle sent over this morning.

Kaepernick has never displayed better mobility in and out of the pocket than he did yesterday, which he showed on this 17-yard pass to Crabtree on 3rd-and-10 …

… and on this run on 3rd-and-8 that kept the ball out of Rodgers’ hands. Check out how both Frank Gore and Joe Staley sealed the edge for Kaepernick, who let his speed take over. Linebacker Andy Mulumba had no chance.

After four Frank Gore runs, it was Phil Dawson time. I’ll just let the GIFs take over from here.

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