The Divisional Round is over now it’s official — the 49ers will face the Atlanta Falcons in the Georgia Dome next Sunday at 12 pm PT. It’ll be the 49ers’ second trip to the NFC Championship in as many years, and they’ll be looking to make right what went wrong last year, when they fell to the New York Giants at Candlestick Park.

There will be six long days to strip this game to its most basic nuclear makeup, over-analyzing every angle and undoubtedly going slightly crazy in the process. So, I thought it would be nice to enjoy Saturday’s win for just one more post before we start worrying about the Falcons.

Let’s start with coach Harbaugh, who was quite animated on the sidelines as usual. Carmen Kiew (AKA Giants Game Babe) requested I make a GIF of Harbaugh with one of his signature open-mouthed looks. This was a pretty good one — perhaps it’s the moment he realized his turtleneck was on backwards:

It must be rough to officiate a 49ers game. Harbaugh doesn’t hold back … ever. This is actually pretty tame if you ask me. I lip read to figure out the second sentence: “that’s out of bounds!” I’ll leave it to you to figure out what he said first:

Remember the pick-6 Kaepernick threw? I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about this whole quarterback switch possibly blowing up in Harbaugh’s face for a minute or two after that costly miscue. Kaepernick more than settled in for the remainder of the game, breaking NFL records in his first career playoff start. A lot of his comfort had to do with this touch pass he threw to Gore on the 49ers’ second offense drive.

Meanwhile, it looks like somebody passed wind next to Aaron Rodgers. Or maybe it was down the sidelines. Those swirling Candlestick winds, man. You never know where it’s coming from:

Two big OOOOO hits come to mind when I think about the game. This was one of them…

And this was the other:

Fox’s replay didn’t do it justice, cutting away from it before Jennings hit the ground, so I included this Goldson hit as a bonus:

I can bench press the bar and two plates with perfectly healthy arms. Justin Smith was doing this on Saturday:

Either Marshall Newhouse weighs 150 lbs or Smith’s triceps is doing just fine.

There are two things I like about this one: Aldon Smith comes around the corner like Jason Voorhees (the new, scarier Jason that chases after his victims rather than slowly sauntering and still somehow catching them). Also, Aldon doesn’t chop or punch at the ball. Instead, he slaps his arm like he’s Rodgers’ mother and the quarterback just tried to grab a piece of chicken at the dinner table with his bare hands:

I’m not sure why Fox included this in one of their transitions, but it’s creepy as hell. What is he doing? The obvious answer would be blowing air out, but it looks more like he’s talking to himself — speaking tongues.

Clay Matthews had to have been talking to himself after getting cement-rolled by Mike Iupati.

Clay also got beat by LaMichael James on this blitz pickup:

Ahmad Brooks had to be at least A LITTLE mad about the media’s obsession with Justin Smith. He took it out on Rodgers:

And I’ll leave you with this shot. Some people like to go to museums. I find art in football, and this is a thing of beauty.