CK JGI talked briefly with San Francisco 49ers center Jonathan Goodwin in the locker room before they left for the airport. I won’t embed the mp3 of the interview itself, because Goodwin had noticeable trouble dealing with a cough as he was talking to reporters, and coughing doesn’t make for great audio. 49ers fans don’t need to worry — Goodwin says he feels fine, but the cough has hung around for three weeks.

I’m more worried about the crowd noise, and how that might affect the center/quarterback exchange. The problems in that area between Goodwin and Colin Kaepernick haven’t led directly to losses, but the occasional troubles they’ve had raise concerns as the 49ers prepare to play underneath a roof. So that’s what I focused on during our conversation:

BASG: You have a lot of experience playing against Atlanta with the Saints. Is the Georgia Dome different than any other building?

Goodwin: Well, it’s another dome stadium. It can get pretty loud. It’s pretty much just like other domes, when it gets going it can be loud. 

So it’s similar to St. Louis and New Orleans?

Yeah, probably around New Orleans, St. Louis. I don’t know if it’s quite as loud, but pretty similar.

In terms of the quarterback/center exchange, do you think that’s improved from week to week? 

Definitely. Most of the time when there’s been a problem we’ve known the issue and that’s all you could ask for. Definitely don’t want any issues and hopefully we won’t have any this weekend. 

What was the issue on that one against the Packers?

Last week I snapped it a little early. He told me it wasn’t a bad snap, it was just a little earlier than what he expected.

With Goodwin questioning whether the Georgia Dome is as loud as some of the other indoor stadiums he has played in, and with more time to find chemistry with Kaepernick, it didn’t seem like he was all that concerned about disaster striking on Sunday. In fact, the entire team seemed very upbeat in the 45 minutes or so I was in the locker room, like a group that’s extremely confident in their chances and excited about the gameplan. Are the 49ers overconfident? We’ll see in a couple days.