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Gotta love old movie theaters

Went to the Empire Cinemas last night in San Francisco to see Juno.

Just a fantastic experience all around. The movie itself was good for several reasons, starting with Rainn Wilson’s hilarious opening cameo as a convenience store clerk and ending with Juno kidnapping her newborn baby and driving it to Alaska.

Alright, maybe I was lying about the end, but Ellen Page was outstanding in the lead role. There were several hilarious moments, mostly in the scenes with her friend (Olivia Thirby) or her father (J.K. Simmons).

The only thing about Page’s performance that bothered me was how small she is. A girl this size is supposed to be big enough to carry a baby? She made Jennifer Garner look like she was at least 6’4″.

But Juno is soon to become this year’s Napolean Dynamite, a movie for which a positive review will seem obvious and almost quaint in a few months, after everyone has been driven to see it by word of mouth. I guess I’ll be part of that peer pressure at this stage, telling all of you to go see it too.

It also didn’t hurt that we went to the Empire. Against strong odds we found easy, close parking. I was able to find two seats together in a small, packed theater that weren’t in the first row and actually had a great view of the screen.

And even without the captain’s chairs, raging air conditioning systems and pre-preview commercials, I was able to enjoy a motion picture. The Empire is no multiplex, and that made it the perfect place to watch an indie movie where the only guy having sex was Michael Sera.

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