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Great timing on that email, Giants Brass

As if it wasn’t bad enough to watch last night’s game, when I got to work this morning I found an email in my inbox with this subject heading:

Giants Postseason Division Series Tickets on sale today at 10am!

Great. That works right into my to-do list this morning:

1. Wake up early enough to facilitate arriving to work by 9:30 am

2. Wade through the mess of construction on Divisadero St. and catch a bus

3. Hold my breath when the old coughing guy who smells like death sits down next to me

4. Walk to my desk (right at 9:30, since this morning’s bus was perhaps the slowest I’ve ever been on, thanks to the combination of emergency vehicles, an overwhelmed MUNI driver and tons of cyclists)

5. Buy Giants playoff tickets

Surely this morning’s email was created and scheduled to send before Brian Wilson’s belt-high fastball got blasted by Jeff Baker 10 rows back into the left field bleachers last night, but it was the definition of adding insult to injury. It was like getting mugged on Market Street, followed by a bus driving through a puddle next to you and soaking you from head to toe (otherwise known as “landsharking”).

Since Brian Wilson’s had a pretty damn good second half and has only given up 3 homers in 71 innings, I don’t feel like obsessing over his lack of perfection (after all, the Giants only scored 2 runs at home — it’s not like they deserved to win). What I do feel like obsessing over is the doomed-from-the-start trade for Freddy Sanchez, who I hope never plays another game in a Giants uniform.

I wasn’t 100% against the trade when it happened, although I was one of the least enthusiastic about it among Giants supporters that I read or talked to. The guy didn’t want to leave the Pirates, for God’s sake. He had an injured knee, his above-average (but not exactly phenomenal) defense didn’t cover up that he didn’t bring what the Giants truly needed at the trade deadline, a power bat. He isn’t a “game-changer,” he’s the middle infielding version of Randy Winn, both in terms of what he brings and what he makes.

When slap-hitting middle infielders start getting leg problems, stay away. The Giants gave up their third- or fourth-best prospect for Sanchez, even though the Giants were fully aware of his knee issues. Maybe not to this extent, but Sanchez was a broken-down, unhappy guy when the Giants welcomed him to San Francisco. He’d have rather played with his buddy Jack Wilson and nursed his sore knee behind the Steel City Curtain of irrelevancy than contribute to a pennant race.

I doubt Tim Alderson will become the next Roy Oswalt, but his name value was strong enough that he could have gotten something better than an expensive and defective second baseman, and that was why I was against the trade when it went down. It’s also why Brian Sabean has proven that he’s a mediocre general manager. Sure, he can get things done, but the job of the GM is to get maximum value for the assets he has. Since Alderson’s name has been uttered in the same sentence as Madison Bumgarner’s about a gazillion times in the past two years, there had to have been a general manager out there who saw Alderson in the same light.

But whatever, what’s done is done, or it is what it is, or whatever trite cliche this whole Sanchez thing makes you want to say. Andrew Baggarly thinks Sanchez’s torn meniscus means they’ll buy out his $8 million option for 2010 (at a cost of $600,000 — $50,000 less than what Tim Lincecum made this year) and instead re-sign him for $10 million over 2 years or something. Here’s hoping they won’t. Just flinging somewhat expensive 2-year deals at fading veteran middle infielders is partly what got the Giants in this offensive quagmire, and re-upping Sanchez just so he can slog through 110 injury-riddled games per season is not what this team needs.

Well, if they want to send “Postseason Tickets” emails to us without them getting instantly deleted, anyway.

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