Tim Kawakami caught some interesting tidbits from today’s episode of 95.7’s “The Wheelhouse.”

I believe Kawakami 100% on this, but I’m interested to hear some more details. Unfortunately, “The Game” doesn’t upload entire shows as podcasts, so there’s no way to go back and hear exactly what Greg Papa said. As a result, we’re left with the following questions.

Raiders Greg PapaDid Davis really ask Papa whether he should fire the head coach every single season?

Papa has been the Raiders play-by-play announcer since 1997, the year Joe Bugel coached the team to a 4-12 record. Bugel was fired and replaced by Jon Gruden, who lasted four years before Davis traded him to Tampa Bay. Bill Callahan and Norv Turner each got two seasons before getting fired by Davis. Art Shell came back for one forgettable season. Lane Kiffin went 5-15 before he was overhead projectored. Then it was Tom Cable, who lasted the rest of the 2008 season and for two more years before getting replaced by Hue Jackson.

Since Papa was a huge fan of Gruden, that would mean his calls to fire the head coach were heeded five times after 10 Gruden-free seasons.

How much pull does Papa currently have? 

He’s extremely popular with Raiders fans, so firing Papa would’ve been a pretty tough sell for Mark Davis. And as an announcer, there’s no reason anyone would fire Papa. He’s excellent at his job … as an announcer. But when a person is that influential, they usually don’t stop giving advice unless he or she is told that the advice is unwanted.

What does Papa think about Dennis Allen?

Again, I wasn’t listening to the segment Kawakami referenced. Since Papa admitted to being pretty trigger-happy in the past whenever Davis sought his counsel, why would he want to call another season of games coached by Allen? Based on the how the Oakland Raiders looked yesterday, there’s a pretty good chance Allen won’t be back next year — even if Papa was in his corner.

As for those who question Papa’s standing in the organization while Davis was alive, check out this SFGate story from 2009:

Greg Papa, the radio voice of the Raiders, hasn’t shied away from knocking coaching decisions during the course of a game. This season, he knocked then-coach Lane Kiffin for having Sebastian Janikowski try a 76-yard field goal against San Diego. Papa criticized Kiffin’s decision not to call a timeout in the final minute against Buffalo, allowing the Bills to kill the final minute before kicking the winning field goal.

He criticized interim head coach Tom Cable’s fake field-goal play that led to a loss to the Chiefs.

Al Davis seems to be the NFL’s biggest micromanager, but Papa said, “He’s never once criticized a thing I’ve said on the air.”

When KNBR talk-show host Gary Radnich said this season that Papa would never criticize Raiders management, Papa immediately called the show to rebut the point.

“He was questioning my credibility,” Papa said. “Believe me, I have tremendous respect for Al Davis, but if the organization does something that I’m not on board with, I will criticize them. I won’t do it during the course of a game – it’s just not the time – but during a talk show.”

When Davis traded coach Jon Gruden to Tampa Bay in 2002 for four high draft picks and $8 million, Papa criticized the move on a talk show. “I felt that Jon was that valuable to the team at that time,” he said. “I thought it was a mistake.”