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Guess who thinks the 49ers should trade for Tim Tebow…

Grant Cohn is in a tough spot. Compared to most other beat writers for professional teams he’s on the young side, so many point to his father working at the same publication and claim nepotism. The fact that Lowell Cohn regularly links to his son’s columns and blog posts only adds fuel to that fire, while at the same time raising “Iggy’s” profile locally and even nationally.

It’s not about the opportunity, it’s what one does with it. That’s why a post like this doesn’t exactly help Cohn’s cause. Should we “Fire Joe Morgan” this one? Why not…

Why they 49ers should get Tebow

This headline is the blogging equivalent to David Akers booting the opening kickoff out of bounds. (It has since been changed.)

The Niners are a “team to monitor” in the Tim Tebow trade talks, according to Adam Schefter. Chris Mortenson also confirmed the Niners as a front runner.

He misspelled “Mortensen,” but at least the hyperlinks work.

The rumor is Tebow costs nothing more than a sixth round pick. If Baalke can get Tebow for that paltry price, he should do it and here’s why.

Generally journalism professors teach students to use the first and last name when mentioning someone for the first time, but since this is a blog post we’ll let that slide. Also, most reports say it’ll take a fifth or sixth round pick to get Tebow, but if five or six teams are interested and Tebow’s such a great draw, it’s not necessarily guaranteed that a sixth rounder will get it done. But I’m picking nits here. Carry on…

Besides sucking on third downs, the Niners offense sucks in the red zone and in short yardage situations, too. Tebow is one of the best red zone and short yardage players in the NFL. At the very least, he could be an upgrade over Anthony Dixon as the Niners goal line running back.

Or, the 49ers could just acquire a better running back than Dixon instead of a global celebrity who’d campaign to be the starting quarterback from the moment he’s traded.

However, let’s forget that and focus on “suck,” which Cohn uses in two different forms in the same sentence. Repetitive word usage is one thing, but the word “suck” automatically detracts from one’s argument … unless one happens to be in a junior high cafeteria.

At the most, he could be the 49ers red zone QB if Alex Smith continues to struggle there.

I’m sure Tebow would be excited to be a situational backup for Smith, since Tebow has no ego and holds Smith in such high esteem:

The topic was a perception among NFL teams that Tebow was successful in college only because of the University of Florida’s offensive system, a notion upheld by the failure of Alex Smith to thrive in the NFL after having played for Tebow’s coach, Urban Meyer, when Meyer was at Utah.

“A lot of people are comparing you to Alex Smith because you run the same offense … ” Herock started when Tebow suddenly cut him off.

“Now hold on there, Mr. Herock,” Tebow said. “That’s where the comparisons end. I won the Heisman Trophy. I won a national championship two times.”

He said it not with arrogance, although the words could have been parsed that way, but rather with an assuredness Tebow rarely reveals in his public interviews.

So after starting 13 games, including two playoff games, Tebow would be more than happy with a part-time role behind Smith. Makes sense.

Trading for Tim Tebow would be a cheap and effective way to improve the Niners offense in a couple critical areas – that’s why Baalke’s got to pull the trigger.

Tebow gets the first-name treatment again, but Baalke is snubbed once again. Poor Tim Baalke. Or is it Tebow Baalke? I can’t remember…

This doesn’t preclude Alex Smith. They wouldn’t necessarily be in conflict. They do different things. They could compliment each other.

Compliment, huh? The self-esteem angle is one I wasn’t considering…

“Hey Tim, you’re a great goal line quarterback. Thank God you’re here, because I suck in the red zone,” Smith said.

“Don’t get down on yourself Alex, you’re a fantastic game manager. Even though you didn’t win a Heisman, you’ll always be an MVP to me,” said Tebow.

“How you’d get such huge guns, Tim? Your body is simply stunning,” said Smith.

“Forget my arms, your right arm’s a machine when it comes to accuracy! I wish I could complete over 50% my passes like you, but I suck at throwing to open receivers,” Tebow said.

Update: At 11:14 am PDT, Schefter tweeted: “Scratch SF from teams that could trade for Tim Tebow.” That sucks!

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