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I don’t know if you’ve played much Madden 08′, but it’s clear that Reggie Bush is the new Tecmo Bo. Surely you remember Bo Jackson’s legendary video alter ego in Nintendo’s Tecmo Bowl. Bo could do it all, including kicking off a tackler and making him tumble 30 yards down the field.

While Reggie doesn’t quite achieve the super human on Madden ’08, he comes damn close. In a recent contest against my videojock brother in law, I had 161 yards on 9 carries, with 4 catches for 87 yards against the Colts D. And the shame is, he isn’t nearly that good in real life. Maybe time has made me see Bo in a more legendary light, but he was much more deserving of the video game tribute than Bush.

I was really high on Reggie, like the rest of the country, following his tremendous career at USC. I too laughed when the Houston Texans passed on the next Gale Sayers to select North Carolina State DE Mario Williams.

The thing is, the Texans are starting to have-if not the last laugh, at least a good chuckle. They may have botched in selecting David Carr with the first overall pick in their inaugural year, but Williams will prove to be the real deal. Just like Shane Lechler was the only good thing to watch during Raider games before the JaMarcus era began, Williams is giving us a taste of what the best pass rusher in the league will look like for the next couple of seasons.

I tuned into the Broncos Vs. Texans game long enough to watch him demonstrate this rude high-kick move to get outside of the tackles. Right after the snap, Williams takes his first step toward the quarterback, and makes it count. In one lightning fast move off the ball, he swings one of his tree trunk legs to eye level, effectively clearing the tackles arms and then then rag-dolls the off balance blocker route to one of three and a half sacks on the day. We’ve all seen pass rushers swim, rip, and dig their way to the quarterback. But an over the head high step?? Maybe I don’t look at the moves of pass rushers often enough, but that’s one of the sickest finnese moves I’ve ever seen. A six foot six inch 300 pound man making like the Incredible Hulk, a day shift stripper and Hong Kong Fooey to whip a massive offensive tackle out of his way. Incredible.

That game wasn’t a fluke. Williams finished the season with 59 tackles and 14 sacks.

Meanwhile, Bush has showed that he might be more cut out for part time work. Despite flashes of brilliance, Reggie has averaged less than four yards per carry, and injuries limited him to 12 games this season. He’s still got a world of potential, but Bush’d better hope that Duece McCallister comes back or that the Saints draft a bruising workhorse running back to share the load with him. Or the Texans are going to look smarter and smarter by the season.

The Raiders Sports Guy, Francis Mayer, has extensive experience in radio as a producer and former morning show host at 106.1 KRAB in Bakersfield, and now works producing a morning news show. He’s also a freelance writer and huge Oakland Raiders and Minnesota Twins fan. And yes, he knows that’s an odd combination.

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