Update No. 2 from Matt Barrows – Brandon Jacobs was suspended, not released, which means he cannot join another NFL team this season:

Update from Kyle Bonagura (sounds like Brandon Jacobs was released, so feel free to ignore the end of this post):

Jim Harbaugh pled the fifth during today’s press conference in regards to Brandon Jacobs. No, really.

“I don’t … I really don’t have a comment for you on that at this point,” Harbaugh said when asked about Jacobs. “No comment.

Have you spoken to him?

JH: “No comment.”

Is he still part of the team?

JH: “I’ll go with the fifth amendment. I have no comment on that.”

Did you know when you acquired him that he had a tendency to complain about playing time?

JH: “Yeah, at this time, at this hour, I choose to have no comment.”

Last week Jacobs incurred the wrath of 49ers fans by posting pictures of him in a Giants uniform. “I am on this team rotting away so why would I wanna put any pics up of anything that say niners.” Jacobs shot back on Instagram.  “This is by far the worst year I ever had, I’ll tell you like I told plenty others.”

Also on Instagram, Jacobs wrote, presumably of the 49ers: “They won’t let me out, I tried.”

On Saturday, Jacobs turned to Twitter to explain himself: “I don’t understand why people are angry at me because I wanna do what I am paid to do, I am a competitive person, I think people should be mad if I didn’t wanna play, but I forgot the people that’s pissed they don’t have a athletic bone and their body. As for all of my Instagram photos I don’t have any niner pics, if you’ll find me some pics I’ll put them up.”

It’s pretty clear that Jacobs will not suit up for the San Francisco 49ers again unless they incur injuries to any two of the following: Frank Gore, LaMichael James, Anthony Dixon or Jewel Hampton. The recent social media whining wasn’t some isolated incident, either. Jacobs got all passive-aggressive on Twitter in regards to his plight a few weeks ago:

Okay, maybe Jacobs really was talking about his brother’s job situation (yeah, likely story). However…

This isn’t a location-based complaint, either:

So Jacobs doesn’t want to be here, and Harbaugh is obviously upset to face questions about a guy who has rushed for a grand total of 7 yards for his team.

However, releasing Jacobs doesn’t save the 49ers any money, and would also make him available to a potential playoff foe. While Jacobs hasn’t been productive as a member of the 49ers, this isn’t a situation like Braylon Edwards where other teams wouldn’t touch the guy with a 10-foot pole.

For example, the New York Giants might welcome him back given there isn’t much behind David Wilson and Ahmad Bradshaw on their RB depth chart. The Green Bay Packers just re-signed Ryan Grant after losing Cedric Benson and probably James Starks for the season. The Bears’ Matt Forte is a knee/ankle injury waiting to happen.

For what it’s worth, I saw Jacobs come out on the field during warmups and talk in what looked like an encouraging way with LaMichael James, Anthony Dixon, Frank Gore and Bruce Miller (as seen in the photo I took above). Of course, this is a prime example of too little, too late from a petulant player who has made a habit of airing dirty laundry. Even though one can understand a competitor wanting to contribute and a veteran desiring to stay relevant … Twitter whining and vengeful Instagramming, when the team is 9-3-1 and on their way to the playoffs, isn’t a good look.

My guess is the 49ers will keep Jacobs locked away on the inactive list all season, and systematically fine him for future public complaints. If he had nothing left to give as a player, the 49ers would’ve already released him. But right now all he’s giving the 49ers are headaches, and they’ll probably rethink the idea of signing veterans on the cheap in future years if, like Jacobs and Edwards, their mouths are larger than their upsides.