To be honest, I had to listen to most of the game and/or watch the little fake batters do their thing in Gameday because of this stupid thing called “my full-time job.” I did make sure to tune in during the second half of the game because today, like every day since the end of May, I wanted to see if the Giants would find a brand new way of disappointing me.

Today was different.

First things first. A hearty congratulations to the Giants’ hottest hitter right now, Brandon Belt. In the top of the sixth, Belt hit a fastball from Dan Haren into deep center field. Belt’s 15th home run of the season helped him surpass both Hunter Pence and Buster Posey (currently at 14 home runs each) and made him the leader amongst the Giants in big flies. Way to put on your big boy pants, Belty.

Other than Belt’s homer, things didn’t seem to be working out for the Giants against the Nationals today. Ryan Vogelsong fell far short of a quality start with a final pitching line 3.2 IP, 6 H, 3 R, 3 BB, and 3 SO. The Giants had more offensive woes with only 6 hits and 5 men left on base.

But then in the ninth inning, Buster Posey singled and Roger Kieschnick walked … and then mighty, mighty Hector Sanchez stepped up to the plate. And as our good friend at KNBR, Marty Lurie, likes to say: he can hit.

Sanchez blasted a home run into right field, putting a three-spot on the board and giving the Giants the lead. Sound familiar? These are the things that happened early in the season that we now look back upon with sadness of “the good ol’ days.” With that swing of the bat from Sanchez, the Giants broke the National’s five-game winning streak. Take a look at the majestic-ness:

Here are a few fun facts about Hector Sanchez and his home run:

  • Wow.
  • The Giants have a .222 BA from their bench this season (16th in the majors)
  • Hector Sanchez came into this at-bat with no home runs on the season
  • The home run came on a 3-2 count
  • His home run made the dugout do this:

Hector Sanchez used to represent Brandon Belt sitting forlornly on the bench. Not anymore. He represents FREEDOM. HOPE. AMERICAN DREAMS WRAPPED IN RAINBOWS IN A BASKET OF KITTENS.

Oh, one more highlight from the game. Brandon Crawford made this incredible play which saved the game in the 9th:

I’m just happy to see some life in the Giants and that we won a game. One game at a time right? Isn’t that what they tell you at Baseball-Watchers Anonymous?

Wait, I almost forgot the best thing ever. Brandon Belt turkey-tapped Hector Sanchez. This makes my life: