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Henry Schulman calls Larry Krueger a “tool” on Twitter

After getting released from jury duty surprisingly early today (hooray!!!), I strapped on the headphones and turned on a show I haven’t listened to extensively for a while, KNBR’s “THE GARY RADNICH SHOW (with Larry Krueger).”

Why haven’t I been listening? Hearing both guys spout the same recycled lines about Tim Tebow for weeks was tough enough to stomach (same with another of Gary’s favorites: “If Tom Brady wins another Super Bowl you have to put him ahead of Montana, don’t you?”), but this camel’s back was broken after Radnich said he thought the New York Giants would win the NFC Championship.

That’s not what irked me. A lot of people agreed with Radnich that the Giants were better. Unfortunately for 49ers fans, those people ended up being right.

What annoyed me came when Krueger asked why Radnich thought the Giants were better. Gary mumbled something about the Giants’ (defensive) line. Then he tried to come up with a name, and all he could think of after stammering for a few seconds was “Osi.” It’s totally understandable to blank on a name or names, but Radnich sounded so uninformed — as he does about most sports subjects these days that aren’t creating buzz on Entertainment Tonight — I decided I was done listening. And I was.

Until today, when good fortune at the Civic Center Courthouse and a 20-minute walk in the sun put me in the mood to give Radnich and Krueger another shot.

The Panda isn’t svelte: discuss

People are worried about Pablo Sandoval’s weight. Nothing new. I didn’t think he looked any fatter than he was at the end of last season when I interviewed him, but it’s not like I was measuring his waistline in the clubhouse in September, either. According to what he told Carlos Alberto Zambrano at Lider en Deportes, Sandoval isn’t particularly pleased with all the consternation over his body mass index.

“I’m not interested in what people say about me. I’ll shut their mouths when spring training begins. That’s the date when I need to arrive in shape.”

“They’re going to say I’m fat because of seven pounds? Seven pounds isn’t anything. But people like to talk. I don’t pay attention to those things. I trust in what I can do on the field and always achieve my objectives.”

“I want to know what those people who’ve said bad things about me are going to say when I arrive in perfect physical condition. I don’t have more fat on my body; the truth is that I’ve gained muscle mass.”

Radnich and Krueger talked this morning about how all the concerns over Sandoval’s fluctuations in weight was overblown, since Sandoval performed so well last season. I can’t disagree with that assessment.

Then Radnich talked about how he understood why Sandoval would get annoyed with all the questions, since the people writing about him were probably cut in the 8th or 9th grade (Sometimes it’s just better to hear it from someone who’s laced ’em up, am I right?). That led to a familiar Radnich meme, how it bothers him when bloggers who want to get in the business (but can’t) rip guys who are in the business. It was the same thinly-veiled shot at Rich Lieberman that he tends to repeat every couple weeks or so, although lately I wouldn’t know. He also could’ve been referring to me for stories like the ones herehere and here … but probably not.

Anyway, Radnich’s comments about reporters sparked Krueger on a rant about the writers who ask Sandoval questions. I don’t remember all the clichés Krueger dropped, but I remember a doozy where Krueger talked about a scribe with a hot dog stuck in his back pocket — a hot dog that was paid for by the Giants (KNBR only offers podcasts of selected interviews, so I couldn’t go back and listen).

Krueger’s insults apparently got to the San Francisco Chronicle’s Henry Schulman a couple hours later. Just like how Schulman shot back at Damon Bruce last season on Twitter, the San Francisco Giants beat writer responded indirectly to Krueger on everyone’s favorite social medium/drama-creator.



Naturally people wanted to know who on KNBR would say such a thing. At first, Schulman was hesitant to name names



Then he may have gotten tired of people clogging up his mentions asking who the host was, so Schulman went with a pointed ’90s sitcom reference:



And one more for good measure…



Still don’t know who Schulman’s referring to? Okay, fine…



But wait, just as I was about ready to fire off this post into the nether regions of the Internet, it looks like Krueger extended the olive branch and Schulman accepted. No word on whether there were any tasty olives attached to said branch:



That deserves a big “Awwwwwwww” from the Home Improvement studio audience. KNBR is one big, happy family once again. Oh wait, before typing that last sentence I hadn’t seen this yet:



And in this corner…



To be continued???

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