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Hey Giants: Get a leadoff hitter!

Wow, that was exciting. Talk about our lives changing after the Giants braintrust got together to fix the offensive woes. Yep, we’re moving players around, getting impact veteran infielders back from the DL, things will change just watch…

I feel like I’m having a flashback. There’s Joe Biden, repeating the same line over and over again:


More of the same players. More of the same injuries. More of the same excuses why a team with better starting pitching than they even thought they had to start the season can’t muster up the 4 runs per game necessary to win the NL West crown. A stated desire to “do the little things,” but no actions on the field (such as an occasional bunt from a non-pitcher in an inning before the eighth) to prove that desire even exists.

For all the talk about Aubrey Huff playing left field, now they’re asking him to move back to first base (will he continue to respond like a GAMER???). Why? Because Edgar Renteria decided to pretend he was on the 1987 Cardinals and become a base stealer extraordinaire. Unfortunately, running more than 12 feet at a time has been a problem for Renteria’s leg muscles for some time, and now he’s in for a lengthy DL stint.

Bochy voice: “Mmmmm…. Uh yeahhhhhh….we need to make a change to those changes we were talkin’ about before, um (grrrrr) Sanchy is going to move back to the two hole, and we’re gonna put Pablo back at um, uh, third base, and we got Uribe at short, and Huff is our guy at first again…mrrghghrhgghrhghg Sanchy.”

You see, the Giants are one of those teams that is happy to revel in their own limitations. Yep, these are the guys we got, so let’s just throw their names in a hopper and pull them out like in that NBA Draft Lottery thingy. Change is good, until one of our 34-year-olds comes up lame again, then it all goes back to what it was before.

At least Aaron Rowand isn’t hitting leadoff anymore, but what happens when Andres Torres becomes Andres Torres again? Why has this team ignored their past? Sure, the Giants have had excellent power hitters, but in recent history none of those slugging teams ever did a lick of damage in the postseason without a fast, pesky, OBP guy in the leadoff spot. Like that 2002 team would have even made it to the NLCS without Kenny Lofton there to spank the Braves into submission.

Why this team insists on pretending their interested in a power hitter is curious to say the least. Power hitters are, by and large, expensive and hard to pry away from the teams that are already paying them. They don’t grow in laboratories anymore.

Leadoff hitters are easy to spot, less expensive to acquire and make everyone on the team better. Does anybody really think that the SF-hating Lance Berkman or frying pan-gloved Adam Dunn would give this team that much of a spark? Or, even a guy like Jose Guillen?

The Giants should have made their play for Chone Figgins during the summer. Would have ensured that Sandoval moved to first where he belongs, and we wouldn’t have had to hear everyone and their mom say, “Well, Rowand’s the best they have.” Yeah, just like Henry Schulman wrote on Twitter about Edgar Renteria in one of the most Rick Barry-esque quotes I’ve ever read or heard from anyone not wearing a fanny pack and fake hair.

Perhaps they can still get Figgins, unless he’s got some injury we aren’t privy to which is causing him to hit under .200 (worrisome, yes, but he’s always seemed like a NL-type guy who thrived under a guy who manages like he’s still in the NL, Mike Scioscia). Maybe he’s suffering in the toxic wasteland that Safeco Field has become, maybe he’s damaged goods like Renteria, Sanchy and Mark DeRosa. But I’m sure the Giants training staff could determine that during the physical if they make a deal for him. Wait, maybe that’s a bad idea.

Scott Podsednik? Ichiro? Michael Bourn? Sure, there’s question marks with all these guys, but any of the four I’ve mentioned would be a better permanent leadoff guy than Torres, who would be a pretty nice No. 2 platoon with Nate Schierholtz (if Schierholtz wasn’t grounded to the No. 8 spot for eternity). Here’s hoping the Giants do something, anything to change what’s going on offensively other than simply moving guys around only to move them back a day later. For all the talk about how great the Giants’ pitching would be in a short playoff series, you have to get there first. And if your own team can’t hit good pitching and hustle around the bases a little bit, it doesn’t matter what Tim Lincecum, Barry Zito, Matt Cain and/or Jonathan Sanchez do. They won’t have a chance, regardless.

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