I love Gregor Blanco. There. I said it.

So, it’s not the most objective statement, but I can be objective whenever I want to be. For now, I’m content with practicing my East Bay Sports Blanco signature in my diary journal, looking at .GIFs of Blanco’s stellar defense, and haikuing (or whatever the present participle of haiku is).

First, the signatures:

I’m partial to East Blanco Sports Gregor myself, but ultimately, this will be a joint decision. I mean, I plan on keeping it forever–or until the Giants get a new left fielder, which ever happens first.

I’ve already discussed Blanco’s fielding ad nausem, but that was only in regards to the NLCS. Blanco has since improved. In Game 1, Blanco managed to make the same catch twice. That sounds like a bad Chuck Norris joke, but it’s the truth. He made the same headlong diving catch three innings apart. In the first one, Blanco robbed Miguel Cabrera to end the third. Then, he did again in the sixth; this time to Bay Area favorite Prince Fielder.

Since I probably got your attention with that Prince Fielder reference, it’s worth quantifying the extent to which Fielder is owned by Blanco. Were this a street ball court, Blanco would likely be considered Prince’s “daddy.” Alas, this is not, and any such allusion to Prince’s father would mean equating Blanco to a recidivist gambler. Plus, doing so would likely bring up Prince’s daddy issues, and I’m no Dr. Phil–which is to say, I’m not an unqualified family therapist, or… am I?

But Blanco seems to have no issue with it. Blanco has robbed Fielder of a base hit in Game 1 and tracked down a long fly of Fielder’s in Game 2. Perhaps the most impressive play was Blanco baiting/not-baiting Fiedler into going home, only so he–and Marco Scutaro–could throw him out at the plate.

It’s not all about defense with Blanco, though. That is, Barry Zito isn’t the only guy who lay down a bunt. His bunt in the bottom of the 7th was artful. So much so, in fact, that it drove me to express it’s virtues through yet another type of art: The Haiku.

The Bunt Heard Around the World:

His sacrifices

Do not just advance runners

They tame the Tigers

A Defence of Defense


Neither bird nor plane

Could fly as fast as Blanco

On the left field grass


Blanco is to Young

As Kruk and Kuip are to

Buck and McCarver

The Kingdom of Gregor Suffers No Princes

Dear Prince Fielder

I’m on you like you’re on cake.

Love, Gregor Blanco

On rehashing a tired Melky comparison because I wanted to make a chin beard joke

One chin beard in left

Is replaced after failed test by

A better chin beard