I saw Brandon Jacobs talking to a couple reporters in the locker room. So I meandered over, figuring he’d be talking about the condition of his left knee. Instead, I caught him saying the following about certain Twitter users:

Cowards. Weak, heartless cowards. There’s a lot of those people out there.

Dan Brown (SJ Merc): When you retweet some of the negative ones to show what you have to put up with, does it surprise people? 

Sometimes it surprises people. But sometimes, some people that like me…

Then Jacobs made a hand gesture that indicated how, in a Twitter sense, Jacobs’ fans fight the ones who attack him. That’s where the video starts.

The rest of the Twitter-related transcript

(Fighting gesture) That happens. They go at it with that person. And I’m tagging everything like, ‘Yeah, 20,000, 15,000 people are going to be on your back now. 

Matt Maiocco (CSN Bay Area): You can tweet, retweet it, and somebody else will have your back, right?

Yeah, versus me saying anything. 

BASG: Do you sometimes wonder if it’s worth it when you get that kind of abuse, or is it more entertaining for you?

It’s more funny to me, than anything. It’s stupid that there’s people like that, which there is. They’re all from everywhere. Just do it, and move on about my day. 

BASG: Would you say most of it, the majority of the interaction is positive, though, that you get?

Most of it, yeah. Definitely. I’ve only been on Twitter since May, and I’ve gotten some great, positive feedback from a lot of people. I’ve gotten some great support from a lot of Giants fans, I’ve gotten a lot of negative from Giants fans. I’ve got some great support from San Francisco fans, I’ve got some negative from San Francisco fans as well. You can’t abuse Twitter and say you’re not going to be on it, that you’re not going to connect with the people that’s worth connecting with because of the dummies. I got on Twitter once before and got off, because I didn’t know how to handle it, but I figured out a way to handle it now and I like it. 

Maiocco: Does that mean you have thicker skin, or just you know what the vehicle is?

I’m just … should I say, a little smarter. But people don’t make my day go bad. They don’t ruin my day, by any means. I just deal with it. 

Matt Barrows (Sac Bee): Was Twitter initially a surprise? Because when you meet fans in person, when it’s face to face they’re your best friend, right? It’s only when they’re behind the wall of Twitter that they can turn on you. 

Twitter is cyber gangsters, man. That’s what you call ’em. Cyber mobsters. That’s as far as it goes, I don’t give them too much attention. I just let everybody else get on ’em. If I think somebody’s worth telling something to I tell them something and go about my day. 

You can follow Jacobs at @gatorboy45. Why “gatorboy”? “I’m from Louisiana,” Jacobs said.

As far as Jacobs’ knee, he says he’s getting treatment and it’s doing much better. He’s walking fine without crutches, so I’d expect to see him get at least a couple of carries in Week 1 at Lambeau.