Alex Rodriguez

How Long Until A-Rod Gets the Bonds Treatment?

Those who hate Barry Bonds will no doubt take pleasure in his upcoming federal trial, even though it won’t be televised. Just knowing the face of steroids is getting what people believe he deserves will be enough.

People aren’t just upset at Bonds because he’s surly. They’re angry because he’s in the top spot. The records are what matters the most in baseball, and when the player in the top position in the two most important categories isn’t there legitimately, it’s like the whole sport is a joke.

And guess who’s coming, getting ready to challenge the career home-run mark: Alex Rodriguez. Yep, the same guy who just spent time on “60 Minutes” answering questions about steroids. And now Jose Canseco is chirping again, trying to sell books by announcing some sort of evidence, circumstantial or otherwise, that A-Rod is as juiced up as Dr. Dre during last year’s MTV Movie Awards.

Go ahead and laugh. But even though he’s a rat, Canseco has emerged out of this whole steroids awakening as some sort of patron saint of steroid knowledge. People halfway trust Canseco now, like he’s some sort of mob informant. If he says that Rodriguez was asking him how someone could get a hold of some juice, many people are going to believe Canseco, regardless of the volume of A-Rod’s denial..

It’s doubtful A-Rod has any dirty specimens lying around in cryogenic labs, and he has never tested positive for anything. But when the media, congress, the feds and the public are all done chewing up and spitting out Bonds and Roger Clemens, there has to be something new to eat. Plus, now that Bonds won’t be around to get worked up over, it’ll be pretty easy for the American sports fan to slide that hate towards Rodriguez, who has hardly been a fan favorite since leaving Seattle for Texas.

If I was Rodriguez, and I had any Kimberly Bells out there, I’d pay the mistress(es) a lot more money than Bonds did his. Make sure they get that Greg Anderson money, meaning enough to keep them quiet, even while in prison. The anabolic spotlight will shine on A-Rod, brighter after each home run he hits and every accusation he faces. After a while the question may become: will the steroid witch hunt ever end?

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