Interesting week huh? The Giants went .500 and even managed to scrape together three wins in a row AND a series win!

As promised, lots of good GIFs for you to start your Monday off with. Starting with:

#5 The Adventures of Chad Gaudin’s Flying Bat 

If Chad Gaudin’s bat was a car, it would be a chitty chitty bang bang. Looks like Brandon Belt was not the only person to get a grip makeover. Gaudin did as well. And it’s nonexistent! Case and point:

That’s a big league bat fling.

#4 Henderson Alvarez receives a #BusterHug

Well, not really. Henderson Alvarez tried to bunt, freaked out, and clung to Buster Posey for dear life . Also note that when the ball hit the bat, Alvarez wasn’t actually holding it. Yes, he looks silly but I would probably risk looking silly if it meant a semi-BusterHug too.

#3 Santiago Casilla picks a wedgie

I don’t have sub caption. I’m pretty sure this one is good standalone:

#2 Hunter Pence does more awkward stuff 

Here is a GIF of Hunter Pence leaping up awkward after a steal attempt. It does look like he’s auditioning for a Fiddler on the Roof dance competition though. And this is why we love him.

#1 Hector Sanchez gets turkey tapped 

Hector Sanchez pulled off a lot of heroics this weekend and hitting the game-winning home run certainly qualifies. It did not go unnoticed from the reigning NL Player of the Week, Brandon Belt. He congratulated Hector after the game with his signature move, the Turkey Tap. If you don’t know what it is, I think you’ll be able to figure it out after watching this GIF:

Tune in this week for more baseball GIFs featuring the Boston Red Sox and the Pittsburgh Pirates! YAY – interleague play!*


* Not