Ryan Theriot disappearing into thin air depresses a lot of Giants fans. Not so much because of his contributions on the field, but mostly because he was by far the most GIFable player on the Giants. This is absolutely without question, but in case you need further evidence, may I present you with the below:

Teammate Extraordinaire:

“Free Spirit”

Glorious in Super Slow-Motion:

Expressive (via @baycityball):

Well, don’t be sad for too long, because I think Hunter Pence has more than stepped up to the weirdness plate (pun intended) by recently providing several very GIFable moments. Please keep in mind the season hasn’t even started yet. Yup – TIP OF THE ICEBERG.

Pence loves Paleo Diets. He crushes kale.

This is what I imagine a caveman would look like if brought into a Whole Foods:

Kale’n it up:

Creepin’ around, looking for food:

He not only is a great person to imitate, but he does a pretty mean impression of others as well. Just ask Tim Lincecum:

He provides the most awkward “Hubba-Hubba” moment imaginable:

And he’s a total goober who isn’t afraid to be himself. Check out Hunter performing Calvin Harris’ “Feel So Close” in his car. Or, you can just check out the GIFs and the crazy faces he makes. I’m pretty sure he was thinking, “Hm, what’s the LEAST flattering, and creepiest angle I can get while filming this?”:

In conclusion, don’t shed too many tears for the weirdly departed (Theriot and Brian Wilson) because I think Pence is exactly what the doctor ordered. I think we can expect to see a lot more GIFs from this man in the near future.