I didn’t have time to worry about Hunter Pence’s whereabouts after last night’s game. I saw the town car pull into the players’ parking lot on the press box television during the 8th inning, so I figured he’d make himself available to answer a few questions. But after Bruce Bochy’s press conference went a minute or two longer than usual, everyone hustled over to the clubhouse because of all the starting pitchers on the roster, Tim Lincecum takes the least amount of time to get in front of his locker and face the media.

Lincecum’s promptness is pretty awesome really, especially for the guys on deadline, but it meant that once I got past the clubhouse security guard I had to run over to Lincecum’s locker and try to beat the crowd as well as I could.

While Lincecum was answering a question about Pence, Brian Sabean’s shiny new object showed up. It was kind of funny, since Lincecum was giving Pence a compliment while at the same time noting how the insect-like outfielder who’s all arms and legs will swing at damn near anything. (This guy is going to fit in so perfectly, I’m surprised the Giants didn’t trade for him last year.)

After Lincecum finished up, the scrum pushed their way six feet to the left to get some time with Pence, who now finds himself in a much different region. The media in Philadelphia can be a little tougher than what a player faces around these parts (which you’ll notice later in this post), and Pence seems like a guy who’ll get along with just about everyone.

Pence talked for about seven minutes, and I pulled four short videos because I know most of you are reading this at work and need to be strategic with your cubicle procrastination time. In the first clip, Pence talks about what it was like to get traded, fly across the country and get cheered by Giants fans as he arrived at AT&T Park on Tuesday.

Sample quote: “In the cab ride I heard from Ruben Amaro that I had been traded, that I was a Giant. He said, ‘Good luck, this is a good opportunity.'”

Video length: 1:17

Jaymee Sire asked Pence how well he knew his new teammates, and in the middle of his answer Ryan Theriot shouted his welcome from behind the group. Since he was wearing nothing but a towel around his waist, I decided against turning the flip cam toward the Giants’ second baseman. You’re welcome.

Sample quote: “(Tim Lincecum’s) dad’s kind of interesting. His dad and my dad are kind of friends.”

Video length: 0:34

Alex Pavlovic asked Pence about hitting in AT&T Park and why he’s been so successful there throughout his career.

Sample quote: “I’ve always loved the stadium, I know that. It’s a beautiful park to play in.”

Video length: 0:32

Mr. Stats Guy wrote about the defensive concerns that come with installing Pence in right field (just an aside: some Philly radio host went on one of the local shows this morning — the program where one of the hosts denigrates bloggers almost every day — and said Pence was a “butcher” in right). So in this last video, I asked Pence about his thoughts on being the everyday right fielder for a team that plays in a park with one of the trickiest right fields in baseball. Then Henry Schulman (who seemed to hurt himself a little while I was asking my question) asked how hard the wall is here compared to other parks.

Sample quote: “Y’all were beating the Astros 13-1 and I ran after a foul ball and faceplanted.”

Video length: 0:56