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I bet Dwight Howard and Venus Williams never have to deal with flight delays

NBA Live 10 Dwight HowardWell, I’m in Vancouver. Still. Nothing better than sitting on the runway and hearing the flight attendant announce, “Well, as you can probably see, we’ve turned around.” After about a half hour spent rolling around the Vancouver Airport and resting at the gate, we were deplaned (one of the most ridiculous words in the English language, if you ask me) and left to wait for the next plane to arrive, deplane and take us to SFO. Hopefully we’ll leave by 11 pm, but I know better than to expect any such thing.

Maintenance issues, FTW, as the kids say. The kids also love the Twitter, something that got shoved in my face today at the EA Sports “Fall Starting Lineup” event, the reason why I’m here. Also the reason why I got up at 4 am this morning to fly here from SFO, and why I’m delirious enough to wonder how muddled this post is going to turn out by the time it gets published. Hey, if I’m going to get free internet, you guys are going to have to pay for my delirium.

Anyway, back to Twitter. Dwight Howard and Venus Williams were there today, pimping NBA Live 10 and Grand Slam Tennis, respectively. Howard was all over Venus the entire time, and who could blame him. Venus is at least 6’2″, and has the longest legs I’ve ever seen. Plus, imagine the kids those two would have. They’d be dunking as toddlers.

As Venus came over to Dwight Howard to say good-bye, Howard grabbed one of the many available microphones and did an impromptu interview of the 5-time Wimbledon champ. He really didn’t want her to leave. And of course, the interview devolved into Howard trying to get Venus to Tweet with him, because apparently no NBA player can go five minutes without worrying about their Twitter page.

I’ll check and see if the video I took of the interview is worth posting when I get home, since I don’t have the cable to download it to my computer. If it is, you’ll definitely get a kick out of it. Howard’s definitely a class clown, and Venus was digging the attention. Well, either that or she was humoring him. I’ll let you decide.

Here’s what I’ve been reading while sitting in the airport…enjoy!

— One has to appreciate the effort, but does Ant Randolph really need to prove anything in the summer league? After all, the guy has totaled 65 points, 31 rebounds, 9 blocks and 5 steals in three games. I have no idea where to slot him for fantasy basketball, especially in leagues with Warrior fans. What if he gets center eligibility, a distinct possibility with Don Nelson pulling the strings? (Inside the Warriors)

I’d have more links for you (because I’ve had A LOT of spare time here), but they’re replaning!!! See ya in SF!

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