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I can’t wait to see…

Not much to re-hash from the past 24 hours (an 11-0 Giants loss and a dead sports day didn’t quite inspire me to write anything yesterday, shockingly enough), so let’s look forward. To the future, Conan? Yes, to the future. Without any further ado, here’s a bunch of stuff I’m looking forward to seeing, that I think I’ll actually see. OK, maybe “hope” is a better word than “think”, but the weather’s actually warm in San Francisco right now so I’m feeling lucky.

I can’t wait to see Tim Lincecum warm up at Mays Field before his first playoff game.

I can’t wait to see Pablo Sandoval win his first batting title.

I can’t wait to see Fred Lewis get Lasik surgery.

I can’t wait to see Michael Crabtree under contract with San Francisco (the 49ers, not the California Redwoods).

I can’t wait to see Crabtree catch his first touchdown pass.

I can’t wait to see Crabtree catch a touchdown from Nate Davis.

I can’t wait to see Anthony Randolph play 35 mpg.

I can’t wait to see a college team in either basketball or football capture the Bay Area’s imagination like that Jason Kidd/Lamond Murray Cal team from 1993.

I can’t wait to see Bernard Hopkins as the color commentator on every important fight.

I can’t wait to see a boxing decision that isn’t completely and totally shady.

I can’t wait to see Tony LaRussa as the Giants’ manager, just so my five-year-old prediction can come true.

I can’t wait to see the Philadelphia Eagles totally implode (I might not have to wait long on that one…there’s no way Donovan McNabb’s ego can handle Michael Vick for much longer).

I can’t wait to see a Hi-Def Giants game on NBC 11 that actually looks Hi-Def.

I can’t wait to see the 49ers AND Raiders get good again.

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