Aaron Rowand

I don’t practice Renteria…

I need something to complain about, so do you. The Giants! They swing at the first pitch all the time! F-POM! F-POM! F-POM!

That new phrase? Pretty lame, sure, but it’s all I heard this morning, because I listened to Mac and Murph while driving throughout the beauty that is Northern California.

Actually, I like Murph, and Mac. And Patrick, just because his smoker’s laugh is the only thing on KNBR that’s higher pitched than the Dibber.

Mac calls Sanchez “Chez.” While I feel like that should make me angry, I’m actually pretty cool with that.

It’s easier to get upset about the Giants’ weaknesses: No pure cleanup hitter; a muddled outfield; neither of the Giants’ trade targets have enjoyed their 3-week Giants tour; Bochy’s veteran crushes; Sandoval breaking more bats than Sammy Sosa during batting practice (wink!).

Scene change! Drama isn’t just about tragedy, the only reason why we care about Los Gigantes is their stubbornness. And in the NL West (what, you thought the Dodgers were going to win 100 games?), waiting out the other teams’ shortcomings is usually the best way to go.

The Giants did a great job, tonight, in the most important game they’ve played all season. And here’s what I realized from tonight’s game, besides the fact that Aaron Cook’s about as tough as a lemon merigue pie:

— Aaron Rowand hit an opposite-field home run tonight that absolutely stunned Duane Kuiper. Mike Krukow called it “The worst home run call you’ve ever done!”

— Keeping it on the Kruk and Kuip tip, it’s nice they’ve finally given in to the powers of Nate Schierholtz. That 4-pitch walk he took to knock Cook out of the game was more satisfying than a breakfast at Cracker Barrell.

— If there’s anybody who’s ready for this season to be over, it’s Fred Lewis.

— Lincecum obviously has the most badass strikeouts of all time, so he’s completely off the board…but is there anything else that’s cooler than seeing Jonathan Sanchez strike out someone with his fastball, or his curveball? Cain’s got shutout innings, Zito’s in his rightful place as the Giants’ designated martyr, but Sanchez has cornered the market on beeeeee-you-teee-full strikeouts.

— Admit it, you’ve thought about this several times. Maybe not consciously, but in the back of your mind…in your dreams….it’s something you won’t let yourself believe….But if Edgar Renteria went crazy and went all PLAYOFFRENTERIA….provided the Giants make it there….that wouldn’t suck.

— Bochy isn’t aging well. Body-wise. If you don’t believe me, watch his next double-switch. On the golf course, Casey Martin would offer to carry his clubs.

— I don’t know what I’m more excited about when it came to Jeremy Affeldt’s double-play: the double-play itself or that Affeldt threw home first. The Giants have had a hard time grasping the “throw it home on a short grounder” concept for a while now.

— Why does Brian Wilson throw breaking balls? It’s a nice diversion, but he’d sure be a lot better if he could just consistently control his fastball.

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