“We’re good. We understand that. We just try to show everybody else that, really. Awesome team, to be honest. Awesome team.”

It’s easy to say something like that after a road win. Sergio Romo said that on Sept. 4, after the San Francisco Giants lost 8-6 to the Arizona Diamondbacks at home in extra innings. Romo believed what he said, and as autumn draws near the Giants are proving him correct on a near-daily basis. Saturday night was another example of what Romo mentioned almost two weeks ago, so let’s get into some…

Stolen BASGs

— Hopefully Hector Sanchez isn’t paying attention to these Stolen BASGs, or he’ll throw my ass out Benito-style from his knees.

— On a related note … Tyler Graham, RIP.

— I don’t know if Barry Zito and Ryan Vogelsong are friends. I have never seen them speak to one another, but that doesn’t mean anything. What we do know is when Zito went on the DL last April, it opened up the door for Vogelsong to resurrect his Major League career. Now, Zito and Vogelsong are fighting for the spot in the postseason rotation Zito lost back in 2010. Zito says he’s made peace with that low point in his career, and unless Vogelsong starts pitching like he did before Aug. 9 he is going to have to be happy playing the role of Guillermo Mota during the postseason.

— MVPosey Watch: I’m not sure what’s prettier than seeing a .333 average for a guy who’s played more than 50 games. .334 is better, .345 is far superior, but there’s something about a pure 1-hit-every-3-at-bats average that satisfies the obsessive compulsive side of my personality. (We all have one, right?)

— Four months ago, the Giants could barely trust Brandon Crawford to field a throw to second base from Posey or Sanchez. Now he’s coming off the bench and making the best defensive play of the game in the 9th to end the game. The Giants made a pretty good decision to stick with that guy, and showed that they learned their lesson from the Miguel Tejada/Orlando Cabrera fiasco of 2011.

— Romo secured a 4-out save, but a certain radio host mentioned how Casilla should close instead because he’s stronger (has more mph on his fastball) and Romo took 21 pitches to record four outs. THE NERVE!!!

— It isn’t all that cool in the blogosphere to agree with the manager, but I’d much rather Bochy mix and match the way he’s been doing then go back to Casilla playing the role of a beardless, power-hitting Brian Wilson. Let Romo and Lopez dissect opposing hitters based on handedness, or let Romo go 3-to-5 outs to end a game. I’d rather see Casilla as the designated hitter during the World Series than see Bochy hand him back the 9th for the playoffs.

— The Dodgers won, which is good for them. They’re in quite the Wild Card race. The Giants’ magic number is 10, which means that if the Giants lose on Sunday and win only one game in each of their last five series, the Dodgers will have to finish 12-4 to finish in a tie for the Division lead. Also, “awesome teams” rarely lose five consecutive series.