Parys Haralson 49ersLike Mario Manningham on Thursday, Parys Haralson has agreed to a lower 2013 salary to stay with the San Francisco 49ers. Haralson, who missed the entire 2012 season, agreed to a restructured contract that will cut his pay in 2013 by about half — from $2.57 million to $1.3 million, with $400,000 more available in incentives. Apparently the going rate for injured 49ers is 50% — Manningham agreed to drop his salary from $3.6 million to $1.8 million.

Haralson was looking at a diminished role in 2012 anyway, as the 49ers wanted to utilize Aldon Smith more (Haralson actually played in five more snaps than Smith during the 2011 regular season). Still, the loss of Haralson hurt. Ahmad Brooks and Aldon Smith were forced to stay on the field all the time, and both players showed the effects of wear and tear at the end of the season.

Haralson didn’t just have one of the more noteworthy radio commercials in recent memory for eye surgery a couple years ago (“Contacts always made my eyes so red and itchy. Like two goats in a pepper patch!”), he has been a pretty good player. Haralson has 21.5 sacks in 84 career games and was a key player for the No. 1 run defense in the NFL in 2011. And even after he knew his season was over, Haralson remained a loyal teammate.

Haralson suffered a torn triceps in the third preseason game and was lost for the season. However, he rehabilitated every day at the 49ers facility, went on road trips and remained a part of the 49ers’ locker room, which is why the team wanted him back this year.

I can corroborate what Matt Barrows wrote — I remember being surprised to see Haralson so often during the season when the locker room was made available to the media. Now Haralson gets to stay on the team and allow them to get a little salary cap relief. $1.3 million for Haralson, 29, is much better than cutting him and trying to replace his production with a similar player. Haralson is now downright cheap, providing a 2013 cap hit that’s $50K less than Dan Skuta’s.

Haralson’s and Manningham’s cuts in pay equal a total north of $3 million. Anquan Boldin might rework (extend) his deal, which would also lower the 49ers’ overall cap figure as well. After renegotiating with two players who hit IR in 2012, it’s unclear whether the 49ers will attempt to do the same with players who stayed healthy throughout the year … like Jonathan Goodwin.