Last week we heard about Brandon Tierney leaving 95.7 FM “The Game” for a national morning show on CBS Sports Radio. Today all parties involved are allowed to announce the new show.

Tierney will join Tiki Barber and Dana Jacobsen (yes, THAT Dana Jacobsen) for a new morning show. CBS Baltimore provided some information on stations and scheduling for CBS Sports Radio’s new lineup:

Several Top 50 markets will showcase CBS Sports Radio’s Morning Show, including WIP-AM (Philadelphia), WFOM-AM (Atlanta), WXYT-AM (Detroit), WJZ-AM (Baltimore), KFNZ-AM and KJQS-AM (Salt Lake City), and WSJZ-FM (Orlando).

6-9 a.m.: Tiki Barber, Brandon Tierney and Dana Jacobson
9 a.m. – Noon: John Feinstein
Noon – 3 p.m.: Jim Rome
3-6 p.m.: Doug Gottlieb

The listed times are Eastern, so if Tierney’s morning show is carried on either KNBR station (CBS Sports Radio is a Cumulus partner) it will only be heard by the earliest of risers.

95.7 FM “The Game” reacts

Actually, they haven’t done much of anything yet. Tierney removed any mention of “The Game” from his Twitter bio, but he’s still prominently featured on 95.7’s website:

If you believe that every “big announcement” from “The Game” is truly “big,” you might want to tune in at 4 pm:

I have a hard time believing they’ll announce a replacement today (in other words, don’t expect news of “The Razor and Ric” to send this market into a tizzy this afternoon). The holiday season is a slow time for local sports radio, full of guest hosts and “best of” segments. In other words, December is the perfect time for Entercom to audition several potential replacements and juggle the lineup to see if they can create radio magic in January.

CBS Sports Radio’s new lineup could mean some major changes for KNBR 680 and KNBR 1050 in 2013, too. We’ll explore those soon…