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Peavy takes no-hitter into 8th, Giants clinch series against winning team for first time since June 1

Jake Peavy took a perfect game into the seventh in New York, but the Giants lost. He pitched well on Monday against the Rockies, but he balked in the winning run. It’s been that kind of year for Peavy. But since that start, the Giants have looked like a team reborn, and Peavy’s results matched his effort tonight.

Peavy took a no-hitter into the eighth inning, finally surrendering a generic single to Mark Reynolds. The crowd stood as one to applaud, and a jackass known on Twitter as @BASportsGuy posted the following:

“No-hitters are cool, but the Giants need Peavy to keep doing this throughout September.”

I’ll stand by that one. Peavy had thrown almost 110 pitches and the Giants were up 3-0 (they’d eventually end up winning 3-1). No need to tax his arm.

“In other words, it’s time for a reliever now.”

Peavy struck out the next hitter (Jean Segura) before giving the ball to Bruce Bochy.


It took a little bit, but the Peavy trade is looking mighty fine. It’s not that Peavy wasn’t pitching well, but like hoppy beer and strong coffee, he’s an acquired taste.

This team needed an infusion of flavor. Peavy, he’s got that in spades. He didn’t seem to give much of a crap about his 2,000th strikeout, at least during the game. Later on, as he trudged off the field after the fifth scoreless, hitless inning, he was cursing to himself like — and I mean this with all due respect — a thousand people I’ve walked past in the mid-Market area of San Francisco.

What’s crazy is that Peavy doesn’t seem the least bit insane off the field. He was downright charming during his first San Francisco media scrum after the trade, and he seems pleasant whenever I’ve seen him in the clubhouse. Granted, that is a VERY small sample size. But if he was “Peaved” 24/7, there’s no way Bruce Bochy would’ve wanted him back. There are other pitchers the Giants could’ve landed with a Hembree/Escobar package, and Bochy is as lucid and even-keeled as they come. Peavy is one of those rare people who would tear apart a Dodge Caravan with his bare hands on the field if it gave his team a better chance to win, but he appears to be as good at compartmentalizing as he is at pitching.

Extra BASGs

— The Giants won their first series against a team with a winning record since May turned to June.

— Michael Morse booming doubles into the right-center field gap, with Hunter Pence nearly catching up to Pablo Sandoval between third and home. Brandon Crawford making a beautiful tag on Carlos Gomez at second base in the top half of the inning and stealing second himself in the bottom half — even though he was dead to rights. The fourth inning was fun for the Giants.

— It’s weird, I saw Crawford working on his swing in the dugout with Hensley Meulens yesterday. No bat in his hands, just miming the beginning part, when he drops his hands toward the zone. Crawford has surely been working on his hitting and throwing constantly throughout this extraordinarily rough patch, so that moment was meaningless. So why did I think about it when he drove in Morse, made that backhanded stop and force play at second to end the sixth, and that UNBELIEVABLE dive/scoop to start the double play in the seventh? Confirmation bias, I guess. Still, there’s a reason why I haven’t written extensively about how Crawford is the problem. Crawford is a very good baseball player. #analysis

— No one is more entertaining to watch than Gomez. Yasiel Puig is right there with him, and Puig’s background adds to the mystery and fascination, but let’s say both guys are from the same nation. Gomez on the Dodgers, Puig on the Brewers. Gomez is hated more around here than Puig is now, guaranteed.

— Sergio Romo threw three straight sliders to strike Gomez out to get out of a two-on, two-out jam in the eighth. Santiago Casilla needed an extraordinary play by Joe Panik (how the hell did he get a foot — any foot — on the bag?) to save this game. Romo and Casilla will probably switch spots soon.

— Hey, whaddya know:

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