Jaymee SireIt seems like weeks ago that we told you Jaymee Sire was leaving our neck of the woods for Bristol, Conn. That’s because I wrote that post back on Feb. 9, back when the biggest sports story was whether or not the officials screwed the San Francisco 49ers out of their sixth Super Bowl win.

Tonight, Sire posted about the move on her blog, e is for eat (I still think we’ll see her on the Food Network someday). She even linked to my story about her so I didn’t have to. Thanks, Jaymee!

Welp…the cat’s out of the bag.

In what’s been a horribly-kept secret (kudos Bay Area Sports Guy), many of you know I recently moved to Connecticut to take a job with ESPN. Considering my first day of work was Monday, I feel I can now finally talk about it here on the blog.

Then she went on to tell an entertaining tale about her cat actually escaping from its bag (Cat’s out of the bag — get it?) on a red eye flight from San Francisco to the east coast. We have a small dog, but I’ve never taken a pet on an airplane. Seems awful, though. Getting through security is one thing, but the lack of legroom would be horrifying — especially if you’re flying United, which builds their cabins as if people are the same size they were back in 1813. 

Anyway, good luck to Ms. Sire in her ESPN endeavors. I didn’t know her that well but I respected her work, especially in covering the Giants (and a lot of Giants fans are going to miss her, based on the reaction to that post from February). I remember some times where a difficult question was out there for the asking in the Giants’ clubhouse and she’d be the one to break the ice. As for her role with the Worldwide Leader, from what I hear we’ll see her fairly often as an anchor on SportsCenter.