Jaymee Sire recently changed her Twitter handle from @JaymeeSireCSN to @Jaymee, and removed any mention of CSN from her bio. I’ve been told there is a reason for this — she’s moving to Bristol, Conn.

I wasn’t able to find out what Sire’s role will be at ESPN, and from what I’m hearing there were no hard feelings on either side in regards to her departure from CSN Bay Area. Sire simply wanted a change, and ESPN could provide her with an opportunity to branch out from MLB sideline work (she used to be the Warriors’ sideline reporter), or help pad her anchoring resume.

Sire has been a mainstay on CSNBA for years, mostly as a sideline reporter for the San Francisco Giants. Not only will CSN need to replace the popular reporter for the upcoming baseball season, but the Giants lose a beloved foil. Who will Bruce Bochy douse with a can of Bud Light? Who will Pablo Sandoval target in the clubhouse with a shaving cream pie? Maybe that’s why Sandoval called in sick for Media Day. Sick … with a broken heart.

Jaymee SireThere are plenty of candidates to fill Sire’s role covering the Giants, including John Henry Smith and Ahmed Fareed, who came to CSNBA from MLB Network a little over a month ago. CSN could also go with Rael Enteen or Nate Stulbarg, who have both filled in as the beat writer on Andrew Baggarly’s days off.

(Update: it’s Fareed.)

Sire was one of the better personalities in CSN’s lineup, and she’ll be missed. However, I’m almost surprised she’s heading to ESPN. Her “e is for eat” blog seems to be pretty popular, and considering her passion for cooking I thought there might a chance she could be a future star on the Food Network. Instead, she’s sticking with sports on the Worldwide Leader. Hopefully she won’t be forced to talk about Tim Tebow too often.